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Resources in Malaysia

Setting up your own business in Malaysia is exciting, but can also be the real roller coaster if you are unprepared. The good news is, you are here and already off to a great start. This page will walk you through the ins and outs of doing business in Malaysia.

Before you make a move and get started, be sure to follow these tips:

1. Research Business Practices

Business laws and practices, banking, and taxation vary from country to country. Before you start filling out business paperwork in Malaysia, study the laws and requirements company incorporation, and investigate how much it will cost to incorporate and start running a business, acquire property, and start working.

Here is your grab list:


2. Understand the Cultural Differences and the Political Climate

You need to understand cultural and the political climate in Malaysia that could affect your business’s. Do some research to get to know the culture (from language barriers to varied social interaction and market trend) surrounding the product or service you will be selling to make sure that there’s a market and a need for it. Of course, keeping up with the latest news in Malaysia will help you to get your bearings and understand Malaysia’s investment climate better.


3. Seek Local Guidance in Immigration Matters

Moving abroad and getting your business started sound exciting; it can be as daunting as it goes. Please do the researches, seek trusted counsel, and navigate the ins and outs of moving abroad, before you even started to live in Malaysia. You can easily read up the information on our website:

  • Expatriates – an A-Z guideline that tells you everything you need to know (do) as an expat.
  • Human Resources and Immigration – this section is particularly important if you are hiring foreign talents or you yourself are migrating to Malaysia where it provides the comprehensive guideline on human resource and immigration.

So are you thinking about starting a business in Malaysia? Expanding your business to Malaysia? Here are the tips to help you get prepared, listing some basic rules and regulations that are good to know. Remember, a little planning and research go a long way.