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Expatriates in Malaysia

Over the decades, Malaysia has seen resilient economic growth. The vibrant business environment continues to be the impetus behind the country’s thriving economic growth. In fact, Malaysia has transformed into an international financial hub that attracts a large pool of foreign talents, i.e. expatriates.

There are many reasons behind the phenomenon. Some companies resort to hiring foreign employees due to necessity, while others seek to expand or improve their company. No matter the reason, there is a multiplicity of benefits to recruiting an international workforce, and though the process of hiring foreign talent is not without its challenges, most employers or hiring managers find that it is well worth their time and effort to do so.

The digital transformation in recruitment has changed the face of hiring process where online recruitment [through job boards], social media, and corporate websites have opened global talent markets for companies seeking foreign expertise. Having said that, they must always ensure compliance with employment and immigration law when hiring foreign experts.

Malaysia has its own definition when comes to the term “expatriates”- not every foreign talent is eligible to be called as expatriates but to fulfil the requirement that includes the job’s nature and position. Malaysia has outlined the criteria and job’s requirement for a person to be called expatriate. The criteria and job’s requirement are actually parts of the application of Expatriate Employment Pass in Malaysia.


Employment Pass

As the name implies, the Employment Pass (EP) is a work permit that allows an expatriate to take up the employment with an organisation in Malaysia (the pass is subject to the contract of employment up to 60 months).

Here is the snapshot of the Employment Pass Application in Malaysia:

  1. Before application:
  2. Get the approval:
    Companies that are regulated by an Approving Agency are required to submit an approval letter for each Employment Pass (Category I, II, and III) application from the relevant Approving Agency. Companies need to get the approval before any further action.
  3. Proceed with the application
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A snapshot of what you will be getting from here: