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GST Inspection in Malaysia

At 3E Accounting, our goal is to help our clients implement the newly introduced GST system into their business landscapes properly, and correctly. And to ensure this, we are ready to go the extra mile if and when needed to provide our clients quality assistance with GST implementation.

Avail our GST inspection services to make sure that you have implemented GST into your system accurately. GST inspection by our experienced GST tax agents can help you ensure that you comply with the GST requirements, which is much needed to ensure that your business doesn’t face penalties.

If you have taxable supplies of 500,000 MYR but fail to implement or comply with GST requirements, you may have to face serious penalties. For example, non-submission return non-payment of GST or incorrect return can result in the fine of 50,000 MYR or imprisonment of less than 3 years or both.

To avoid these penalties, it’s best to make sure that the GST system is implemented correctly into your business architecture and the conformance standards are fully met. And that’s exactly what our GST inspection service focuses on helping you achieve. Our GST tax agents closely monitor and review your GST return filing and GST health check to see whether or not you are able to understand and meet the complex GST requirements.

Our team will work with you every step of the way, ensuring that you are prepared for audits and conform to the set standards. We’ll do whatever we can to help you avoid GST related penalties and ensure that your business adopts the GST system the right way.

For more information on GST inspection or service assistance, feel free to contact us. At 3E Accounting, our friendly team of tax agents are available at your assistance round the clock. Give us a call and get your implemented GST system inspected to avoid penalties.