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Get Your Visa Ready Before Visiting Malaysia via Online or Manually at Malaysian Embassies

Malaysia Tourist Visa Malaysia is among the Asian countries with tourism appeal. With sunny days most of the time and refreshing rain, the country has plenty to offer to the tourist looking for a wind of change. For tourist from temperate climates, Malaysia’s sun, sandy beaches and pristine beaches are mostly sought after. But if beaches are not your type, Malaysia has an array of city life you can call home. The city life in the capital offers a complete experience of culture, history and heritage all in one place. Otherwise, take a trip to the north, south, west or east to experience Malaysia’s wide range of tourist attraction. To gain entry, you need your Malaysia tourist visa to avoid complications.


Visit Malaysia

Before entering or visiting a particular country, Malaysia, one would be researching everything there is about the country from online websites and travel agencies. This is especially true if the individual is visiting Malaysia for the first time. Next comes the mandatory procedures to get a valid entry into Malaysia after getting excited to see Malaysia. To enter Malaysia, you would need a visa. If you visit the country as a tourist, you may apply for your tourist visa from Malaysia Embassy, High Commissioner or Consulate in your respective country. The Malaysia tourist visa is a single entry visa Tourists are only allowed to stay in Malaysia for tourism purposes for up to thirty days. Overstaying the thirty days will instigate complications with the local authority. All tourist visas have a ninety days validity period from the date of issuance. For example, if you have received an approved visa on 30th June 2021, your visa expires 89 days after. If you wish to spend more than 30 consecutive days in Malaysia, kindly contact the nearest Malaysian Embassy or High Commissions office nearby.


Visa Application

There are several ways to apply for a Malaysia tourist visa. You can apply it at the Malaysian Embassies or High Commission offices in your respective country. You may need to prepare the following documents:

  1. Original passport – at least six months validity.
  2. Two photocopies of the applicant’s passport.
  3. Two photocopies of the completed visa application form (the form is available at the Malaysian Embassy or High Commissions office)
  4. Two passport size photographs of the applicant.
  5. Original and two photocopies of the confirmed and return ticket.
  6. Bank statement or traveller’s cheque.
  7. Invitation letter (if any)
  8. Payment of visa fee – visa fees differs from country to country.


Malaysia eVisa

Malaysia has also made eVisa available for individuals from ten countries. Countries that can apply for an eVisa online are Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Serbia, Montenegro and Sri Lanka. You can efficiently complete an online application form using your personal and passport details to get an approved Malaysia tourist visa via email. To apply for an eVisa, get the following documents ready:

  • Valid passport of at least six months from the application date.
  • Scanned image of the passport first page.
  • Passport size photo of the applicant.
  • Credit card or debit card, to pay for eVisa fee.
  • Scanned image return flight tickets.
  • Proof of hotel booking in Malaysia.
  • Scanned birth certificate for children below 12 years old.
  • Proof of work or residence permit (if living abroad).


Gaining Entry

Once you receive the approved visa via email, you need to print it out and put it together with your passport. You can gain entry to Malaysia at any Malaysia International entry point. The moment you reach Malaysian shores, you will be meeting the friendly Immigration officers. They will need you to show the printed copy of the approved eVisa, passport used for applying the eVisa, confirmed return flight tickets, proof of accommodation booking in the country, and sufficient funds for expenses while in Malaysia.

Malaysia Tourist Visa