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Foreigner Setup

As one of the fast-growing business hubs in Southeast Asia, Malaysia’s thriving economic growth has attracted foreign investors from all over the world. As of now, Malaysia is one of the economies that implemented reforms in the East Asia and Pacific to improve its business environment for foreign investors. The continuous reform efforts and initiatives by the government has earned its position as one of the top performing economies in the region in terms of the efficiency and quality of business regulations (as measured by the Doing Business report).

Setting up a foreign-owned company in Malaysia is easy and fast. However, there are certain things you need to know in relation to the incorporation procedures and regulations.


Prior to company incorporation:

  1. Have a well-planned business plan at hand.
  2. Understand the requirements to setup a foreign company: Key Considerations Before a Foreigner Starts a Business in Malaysia
  3. Get to know the business entities available and your eligibility: Foreign Company Setup Options in Malaysia

If you are running business in the service sector, you might want to know Liberalisation of the Services Sector in Malaysia. The liberation of services sector is not only playing a big role to boost the economic growth by attracting foreign investors and experts in services sectors, but it also allows Malaysia companies to expand out of domestic market and enter into regional or global markets.

For those venturing the manufacturing sector, an understanding of Equity Policy in the Manufacturing Sector – a policy of the Government that encourages joint-venture between Malaysia and foreign entrepreneurs.

How to setup a foreign company:

After you have come out with the business plan and understand the business climate in Malaysia, you will want to move forward to setup your company. An Expatriate Guide to Starting a Business in Malaysia as Foreigner is the useful link that you can literally get yourself equipped with the knowledge about the ins and outs of doing business as well as setting up a foreign company in Malaysia. Of course, you will have a bunch of questions along the way. Here is the page that you can have most of your queries answered: An Expat’s Guide: Commonly Faced Problems by Foreigner When Doing Business in Malaysia

Below are some guidelines on foreigner setup and the complete services that we offer.