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GST Compliance in Malaysia

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After introducing the broad based 6 percent Goods and Services Tax System in 2015, it has become mandatory for businesses that have made taxable-supplies more than 500,000 MYR in 12 months to register with the newly introduced GST system. Besides this, registration with this tax system is also mandatory for those companies that anticipate their business turnover to be more than 500,000 MYR in the next 11 months (this includes the current month). Such businesses must register with the GST system, that too, within twenty eight days from the end of the current month.

So far, over 400,000 companies operating in Malaysia that meet the GST requirements have registered for GST and 90% of them filed for GST returns in a timely manner. The current Goods and Services Tax revenue target that has been set by the Customs Department is of 39 billion MYR which is 9 billion more than what was collected in the year 2015.

If you also have or anticipate having taxable supplies of more than 500,000 MYR, then you must register with the GST system in Malaysia. After registration, the biggest challenge the companies face is GST compliance. Compliance with the tax system is often the hardest. This is where we can help you with!


GST Compliance Made Simple, Stress-free and Easy

At 3E Accounting Malaysia, we can help you comply with and conform to the GST tax standards and requirements. Our team of experienced tax agents can give you a comprehensive tax compliance health-check and also provide you with proper and well-devised reports, helping you mitigate exposure to all kinds of business risks. Our tax planning and compliance services have helped our clients achieve full compliance. And you know what that means? Full GST tax compliance has helped them tap new business opportunities while mitigating risk; and has spared them from the stress and frustration that comes with tax audits by tax authorities. Tax audits are mostly dreaded by companies but with us, you don’t have to worry about that!


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