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Statutory Declaration in Malaysia

The law relating to Statutory Declaration in Malaysia is the Statutory Declaration Act 1960. The Act requires those documents requiring Statutory Declaration to be sworn or declared in accordance to the law of that place.

In Malaysia, the Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths may take and receive the declaration of any person voluntarily making the declaration in Malay or English language in an appropriate form. A person making declaration by this Act shall pay fee to the officer or Commissioner taking the declaration. Any false declaration shall be punishable under the Penal Code.

Generally, the Financial Statements in Malaysia is required to be signed by way of Statutory Declaration by one (1) of the Director of the company. If the Financial Statements is signed outside Malaysia, it will be executed before the Notary Public of that country.

In other countries, the Statutory Declaration must be replaced with the law relating to statutory declaration or oaths prevailing in that countries, listed as follows:-


No. Country Name Laws Laws
1. Austria Notariatsordnung
2. Australia Statutory Declarations Act 1959 Statutory Declarations Act 1959
3. Bahamas Notaries Public Act (Chapter 45 of Statute Law of Bahamas) The Notaries Public Act & Chapter 45 of Statute Law of Bahamas 1987
4. Bahrain Legislative Decree No. 19 of the Year 2001 with respect to Promulgating the Civil Code
5. Belize Oaths Act (Chapter 130) (Chapter 45 of Statute Law of Bahamas)
6. Brunei Oaths & Affirmations Act (Cap. 3)
7. Canada Canada Evidence Act (Chap C-5) Evidence Act
8. Columbia Decree 960 of 1970
9. Demark The Executive order for the Notary Public (Notarialbekendtgørelsen )
Law   nr    515    of    6/6-2007   and    nr   1555
Document AA004050 under Department of Justice of Denmark
10. France Article 1317 of the Civil Procedures Code, ordonnance de 2 November 1945
11. Ghana Statutory Declaration Act No. 389 of 1971
12. Hong Kong Oaths and Declarations Ordinance (Cap 11) Oaths and Declarations Ordinance Chapter 11 of Laws of Hong Kong
13. India Notaries Act 1952 India Notary Act 1952
14. Indonesia Private Limited Regulation Act 1995
15. Ireland Statutory Declarations Act 1938
16. Italy The Notarial Law (Law No. 89 of 16 February 1913)
17. Japan Notary Law 1908 Law of Notary Public Japan 1908
18. Malaysia Statutory Declarations Act 1960 Statutory Declarations Act 1960
19. Netherlands Eedswet 1971 Eedswet 1971
20. New Zealand Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 Oaths and Declarations Act 1957
21. Norway 17 Norway LOV-002-04-26-12 Law on Notary Public (lov om Notarius Publicus)
22. Pakistan Oath Act 1873
23. Singapore Oaths and Declarations Act (Cap 211) Oaths and Declarations Act 2000
24. South Korea Notary Public Act 1962
25. Spanish Law of the Profession of Notary (Law of 28 of May of 1862)
26. Taiwan Notarization Law
27. Thailand Thai Notarial Services Attorneys (no notary public)
28. United Kingdom Statutory Declarations Act 1835 Statutory Declarations Act 1835
29. Alabama The Code of Alabama 1975
30.  Florida Chapter 117, Florida Statutes
31.  State of California California Government Code Chapter 3, 8200 et seq
32.  Washington Revised Code of Washington, RCW 42.44
33.  West Virginia Uniform Notary Act (Chapter 29C)