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Industry Guide in Malaysia

This page provides detail information about how to start and operate a Malaysia Company in specific industries. The information is presented in the form of short articles on various topics that are organized in categories below.

Recruitment Agency Business

With the influx of graduates and talents today, comes the painstaking endeavour in matching the right candidate with the right job. A recruitment agency takes on this exercise to ensure vacant positions are filled up by the right job-seekers, giving the employers a break from screening resumes right to interviewing candidates.


Franchise Business

Setting up a business from scratch seems daunting for many as it requires plenty of time, energy and definitely money. Starting a business via a franchise, however, takes the initial hassle out of the equation. What is left is to run the business according to the model that has been planned out.


Restaurant Business

Cooking and serving others to savour the specially created menu is a passion for many people. Often, the compliments become the motivation in starting a restaurant business. Hence, there is never a shortage of starting a restaurant business as there are plenty of food lovers out there.  The key to be unique and affordable.


Online E-Commerce Business

In the modern world today, the traditional business model will thrive better when it goes online. Information moves faster within the digital world, as consumers today are virtually immersed in the digital world than the real world. The convenience of purchasing online and having it delivered right to your doorstep makes it even more viable.



Health and wellness are more important now than ever as we live in a fast-paced environment that requires us think on our feet. Adding to that is the variety of quick and cheap lifestyle options that are tempting us all the time. Setting up a clinic is vital to ensure that everyone gets access to better healthcare.


Childcare Centre

Many young parents today are holding full time jobs. Thus, caring for children falls to the maid or extended family members. But not many can afford this luxury anymore. Hence, childcare centres are sprouting in every neighbourhood to care for children as young as two months until early teens.



The hotel and hospitality industry has always been perceived as promising as countless efforts are made to promote the best in the country. Hence, the hotel business now strives to cater to everyone, as long as comfort, affordability, safety and excellent customer service is taken into consideration.   


Travel Agency

Everyone enjoys travelling once in a while. The millennials especially do not mind spending on travels and trips to any corner of the world. That said, taking a vacation via travel agencies makes the journey more pleasurable as everything is taken care of, right to the sensitivity and special needs of visitors.


Pharmaceutical Business

Living the hectic lifestyle today makes us vulnerable to diseases due to the inefficiency of the body in obtaining the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Hence, the pharmaceutical industry is doing well as many people are concerned with supplementing their daily diet.


IT Solution Business

Operations of business have never been easier today as there are many business solutions ready for the picking. An IT solution company can accommodate the need for digitalising manual processes in day-to-day operations. There are so many business issues that can be resolved better using systems and technology.


Construction Company

The construction industry is one of the many industries that provide direct expertise to the growth of infrastructures in a country. It provides excellent exposure and experience for the workforce involved especially knowing that each of them has contributed to the development of the country. It is a contribution that can be seen and complimented or commented on by others.


Non-profit Organization

Offer a helping hand to those in need by starting a non-profit organization in Malaysia. 3E Accounting offers a quick 101. Starting a non-profit organization in Malaysia is an honourable goal many aspire towards.


Arts or Music Business

If you’re looking for a great business idea, do consider the arts or music business in Malaysia. You may be an artist or artiste (with an ‘e’) looking at branding your talent. You may want to boost revenue by capitalising on established art and music brands.


Real Estate Agency

Become the realtor of your dreams by starting a real estate agency in Malaysia. 3E Accounting is ready to open doors for you.


Retail Outlet Business
A country filled with cultures and background, with more than 31 million people calling it home, Malaysia is truly a diverse, multiracial hotpot.


Shipping Business
Don’t let your profits sail away! 3E Accounting shares how to set up a shipping business in Malaysia successfully.


Telecommunications Business
Telecommunications first made its way in the 1830s, with the first mechanical communications device – telegraph, which was considered a monumental success at its time.


Publishing Business
As one of the fastest-growing economy in South East Asia, creating and running a publishing company in Malaysia can be very profitable and rewarding. When done correctly, the publishing business in the nation is a thriving industry that can be harnessed.


Event Management Company
There is an event planner in all of us. You may not realise it until you get the chance to organise, plan and manage an event. Event planning is an innate skill.


Courier Services Company
A definitive read from 3E Accounting on what you need to know before starting a courier services company in Malaysia.


Private Education Business
Malaysia’s pool of expatriates has given rise to the number of international schools in the country. Particularly in the capital, there are more international schools within the city, various as compared to public schools.


Coffee Shop Business
The coffee perception in Malaysia is likened to the Nasi Lemak experience. While the latter originates in the region, coffee is a worldwide occurrence. Malaysians commonly can have Nasi Lemak any time of the day. The same applies to coffee. While it is true that anytime is a good time for coffee, the Malaysia market for coffee seems endless.


Agricultural Business
Ready to reap what you sow? 3E Accounting shows you how to set up an agricultural business in Malaysia successfully. The agricultural industry in Malaysia is poised to grow exponentially. The government is seeking to reduce its fifty billion Ringgit Malaysia food import bill by investing sustainably in this sector.


Spa Business
Beauty spas and wellness industry in Malaysia is expanding rapidly. Even with the new normal in place due to the pandemic, spa operators and providers are persistent at what they do best. The spa business is all about providing wellness and pampering customers.


Entertainment Business
Flex your entrepreneurial muscles and set up an entertainment business in Malaysia. 3E Accounting shows you how to get it done expertly.


Hawker Stall Business
Cash in on your cooking skills. 3E Accountings offers a quick read on how to set up a hawker stall business in Malaysia.


Software Development Business
When the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia launched the Multimedia Super Corridor of Malaysia, he based it on his idea of turning the country into South East Asia’s Silicon Valley. That vision spurred the intense growth of information technology in the country.


Transportation Services Business
Looking to set up a private transportation services business in Malaysia? Here’s a reference checklist from 3E Accounting.


Yacht Charter Business
Turn your passion for sailing into profits with 3E Accounting’s 101 on how to set up a yacht charter business in Malaysia.


Halal Certifying Restaurants
Malaysia is a food haven. From the mild to the spicy, to the sweet and savoury. Food variety seems never-ending in this multi-diverse country.


Home-based Business
Work right, work smart, work safely. Set up a home-based business in Malaysia with these great tips from 3E Accounting.


Data Centre
Join the wave of the new economy and set up a data centre in Malaysia with 3E Accounting’s pocket read.