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Malaysia Company Incorporation in Malaysia

Malaysia’s rapidly growing economy has attracted the attention of many people. Apart from its geostrategic location, natural resources, and vibrant investment climate, the simplified and easy incorporation process in Malaysia is another winning point. Many people find it easy to register and setup a company in Malaysia.

Incorporating Malaysian Company Sdn Bhd is easy and fast. Below are some guidelines on how to incorporate Malaysia Company Sdn Bhd and the complete services we can offer to you.

Who we are?

3E Accounting as the Malaysia leading corporate service provider has been widely recognised by the Authorities, Regulatory and Professional bodies. We have also been awarded as Malaysia Brands Awards Winner, presented by Malaysia Brands. We are being specially selected as the Best Company Registration Specialist of the Year in Malaysia.


Malaysia Company Incorporation Services

When you start a business, you will need to decide how to structure it – company incorporation, the company’s location, the business name, marketing plan, as well as any specific needs. If you are unsure of how to register a company or how to execute the company incorporation process, we are here to help you out. We can facilitate the incorporation of companies, which include checking, and reservation of your proposed company’s name and preparing the necessary paper works for incorporation of your company. Continue to read


Venture to Malaysia with 3E Accounting Singapore

Malaysia is a convenient first country of expansion for Singapore companies due to its close proximity, cultural similarity, and larger market size. Your journey to expand your business portfolio internationally will be smoothly with the Malaysia desk as in 3E Accounting where you can get a professional consultation and one-stop service. Continue to read


Why 3E Accounting’s Company Incorporation Package is the best in Malaysia

3E Accounting provides customers with the most comprehensive and cost-effective incorporation package in the market. You can even regiister your company in a fast and simple way electronically. Our effort to remain as the Malaysia leading corporate service provider has been widely recognised by the Authorities. Continue to read


Malaysia Company Registration Packages

Now that you’ve decided to incorporate your business in Malaysia. We understand the fees involved in the company registration process are part of your budget in setting up a new business. On top of all the consultation and assistance, 3E Accounting promises the most affordable company registration packages in town. With as low as RM2000, you can have your company incorporated in a hassle-free manner! The package comes with everything you need to register a new company, including register company with SSM Malaysia, prepare the documents, open bank account, as well as nominee director service. Continue to read


Nominee Director Services

It is mandatory for all Malaysian companies to have at least one local director (who each has his principal or only place of residence within Malaysia) according to the Malaysia Companies Act. As such, it is a common practice for foreigners to set up a company in Malaysia with nominee directors acting as their local directors. Here at 3E Accounting, we can help you appoint the direct person to be the local director of your company that will not stretch your budget. Continue to read


Appointing the Right Person as your Nominee Director in Malaysia

Though it is crucial to have one local director, you have to make sure that you have appointed the right person. We can help you to appoint a local Nominee Directors, who are Malaysian and closely associated with the management team in 3E Accounting, with guaranteed good services. Continue to read

Foreign Company Setup Options

According to the Foreign Company Registration Guidelines by SSM, a foreigner can setup a company in Malaysia. He or she can either incorporate a local company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM); or register the foreign company in Malaysia with SSM. This page gives you detailed information about common setup options for foreign companies / foreigner intending to setup new business in Malaysia. Continue to read


Standard Procedures for Incorporation in Malaysia

This page helps you to understand the standard procedures involved in company incorporation and business registration. If you are unsure of what to do next, this right place gives you the clear picture of what is the exact procedure of company incorporation looks like. Continue to read


Guide to Malaysia Company Registration

It is a common practice that companies registered in Malaysia have to deal with a fair amount of regulations, policies, standards, guidelines, and code of ethics. This page gives an overview of the key issues in company incorporation and company registration in Malaysia, including an introduction to the business vehicles and their applicable formalities, information needed in company incorporation as well as the complete guide to the procedures of incorporation. Continue to read


Guide to Select Your Malaysia Company Names

Every business needs a good company name and it is always the very first step in your company incorporation procedures. A good company name is the first thing that greets your potential customers, and it could be part of your marketing plan. In Malaysia, you need to submit the name search application to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM Malaysia) for SSM’s approval before you could use the proposed name in your new company. We will help you to lodge the name search application to SSM. Continue to read


Free Malaysia Company Name Check

Naming your business does not involve only your branding strategy and creativity, but the availability of the suggested name. However, many businesses have already been established and it is not a surprise if the preferred company name is already taken and registered. You can now check the availability to avoid repetition with 3E Accounting before you lodge the name search application. The best part of this name check service is – it is completely free of charge! Continue to read


Incorporation FAQ

Setting up a company is not an easy task, from planning to execution; and the process takes a lot of time and effort. This page literally provides the all-you-need-to-know information about incorporating a Malaysia company. From the company incorporation procedures, business registration requirements, to nominee director service, you can have all your questions answered! Dive in the interactive page to equip yourself with the information you need when incorporating a company in Malaysia! Continue to read


Determining Financial Year End

In Malaysia, the financial year refers to a company’s accounting period that means a range of time which profit and loss account and balance sheet are makeup. It is a period in which any financial statements of a company is made up (whether that period is a year or not). The financial year-end for a newly set up company can be any date as long as it falls within 18 months from the company’s incorporation date. Furthermore, the decision to determine the company’s first financial year-end (or any change of financial year-end thereafter) is totally at the discretion of your company. Continue to read


Sole Proprietor vs LLP vs General Partnership vs Company

This page gives you an overview of business vehicles available in Malaysia with a detailed description of each business entity and the requirement for incorporation. Continue to read


Online Incorporation Form

Now, are you ready to incorporate a company in Malaysia? 3E Accounting Malaysia is now taking the company incorporation procedure to a new level- you can fill up the online incorporation form and submit instantly when you are done! You can now fill up the form to becoming incorporated! Continue to read