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Corporate Social Responsibility

At 3E Accounting, we are focused and committed to make a difference in the area of corporate social responsibility. We take CSR seriously and give back to the society where we can. We are aspired to make positive contribution to the society by invigorating lives of people through different forms of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Donation Food and Cash for Rumah Kasih Charity Home - December 2018

In 3E Accounting, sympathy personality among employees is strong. Instead of the usual Christmas gift exchange, the employees made it as a season of giving and love.

All employees donated food and essentials of lives for the homeless, ill, abandoned and helpless senior citizens for Rumah Kasih Charity Home. On top of that, 3E Accounting management team leveled up the charity drive with cash donations to the home for their daily expenses such as utility bills, medications, dressings, etc.

The short visit to Rumah Kasih Charity Home in Dec 2018 has deepen the understanding of their facilities and needs how one can give greater hands in future whether through corporate or personally.

Recycling Old Clothes for Charity - December 2017

In December 2017, 3E Accounting joined the CRC (Community Recycle for Charity) programme by donating used items such as clothes and toys to those who are in need regardless of neither race nor religion. It was truly a meaningful recycling initiative for 3E Accounting and more importantly, a great way to improve the lives of others while minimising waste.

UTAR Wushu Club - October 2015

3E Accounting UATR Wushu Club

In October 2015, 3E Accounting supported Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, a not-for-profit private university, in their UTAR Wushu Club’s R.O.M.A.N 2015 event. The school was established under a foundation called UTAR Education Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation. We believed that contributing to the event will make a difference. The event was a Reunion of Martial Art Night held in school campus where there will be various martial arts performances such as Wushu, Wudo, Karate, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo for students and the public.