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How to Get Around When You Travel in Malaysia?

Travel in Malaysia The Malaysian public transport system is reliable and relatively inexpensive. You will be travelling heavily by bus, minivan, or long-distance taxi. Given that their ferries connect Peninsular Malaysia with East Malaysia, budget flights are a great way to travel around the region. However, there are available ferries if you’re travelling from one island to another.


By Bus

The bus service provides an efficient and convenient way to travel around Malaysia. Taking public transit is also an option if you prefer to do so, but if you wish to utilize all public transportation methods, you should pick up a Touch ‘n Go (TnG) card. For highways, public transportation, parking locations, retailers, and theme parks, TnG cards are used as means of payment.

  1. Buy a TnG card at TnG hubs, LRT stations, and even at Watson’s Personal Care Store.
  2. Once you have purchased a TnG card, you should register it at the MYTouchnGo portal. TnG cards can be easily verified for refunds in the event of discrepancies or if they are stolen.
  3. Simply tap your TnG card onto the gates, and the fare for LRT, MRT, Monorail, KTM, and busses will automatically be deducted.

There are four big bus companies in the country: the Transnasional, Plusliner, Aeroline, and Super Nice. If you want a super comfortable option, Aeroline and Super Nice offer high-end, air-conditioned services with meal service. But they are still affordable.


By Train

Malaysia is home to many cities with monorails, light rails, or KTM Komuter trains. Their services are quick, convenient, and at a fair price point.

There are two types of rail service:

  • Express trains

There are three types of overnight service and three different classes of seats in these air-conditioned coaches: premier, superior, and economy.

  • Local trains,

The trains may have superior seats but are typically only available in economy class. Due to frequent stops, the trains can take twice as long as the express trains to reach a destination.


Malaysia Rail System

The Malaysian Rail System, also known as Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTM), is the railway line connecting all the major towns in Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand and Singapore. From Peninsular Malaysia, you can take the rail to the two countries. All trains are equipped with air-conditioned first, second and economy coaches.


Malaysia Monorail System

Within the population centre, Kuala Lumpur has 11 stations covering 8.6 km using the monorail. There are 11 stations on the Kuala Lumpur Monorail, which stops at many tourist destinations. In addition, several of the major shopping malls are served by the monorail, including Bukit Bintang, Imbi and Chow Kit.

Here are ways to avail train tickets:

  • Go to the KTMB website to check train schedules.
  • Book and reserve a ticket.
  • Enjoy your ride.



In Malaysia, taxis are probably the easiest way to get around. You should always drive a meter and refuse to bargain for a price.

If you’re not comfortable with riding local taxis, you can use local ride-hailing apps in Malaysia. Popular apps are Grab, MyCar, and EzCab.



Domestic flights are the best option if you are limited in time or would like to cover a long distance quickly. For some routes, such as between Penang and the east coast, flying is the preferred option.


Ferry and Boat

There are no roads that bring visitors to the small tropical islands off the coast, so you must travel by boat. These are usually smaller sized boats that can take you to the smaller islands quickly. Most boat rides take approximately 30-45 minute.


What Mobile Transportation App Can You Use in Malaysia?

Various Malaysian destinations offer insight into their cultural heritage to the diversity of local delights they have to offer. Therefore, being able to maximize what Malaysia has to offer requires great planning. The transportation system to travel in Malaysia may be confusing for a first-time traveller. So here are applications that can help you plan your trips:


There are many forms of public transport in Malaysia, yet many people still prefer personal cars or take a taxi as, for example, when they missed the schedule of the train or the bus. The app is very useful in Malaysia. It allows you to find a taxi or private car, motorbike, and virtually any other type of vehicle by using the largest pool of drivers across its service area.

Go Car

This app provides vehicle rentals for users quickly and easily, especially to tourists who love to travel on their own. It allows them to freely use the cars within the designated time frame by renting them via the mobile app. These rates are an advantage for those who scam in the taxi industry have put off by fixed fees.


It’s the best app for people living in Malaysia and tourists because it contains schedules of public transportation that’s right on your doorstep. Besides getting to travel at your own pace, you would get the flexibility you want.

KL Transit for KL City Train Information

This app will help you plan out your itinerary for the day. It will let you know when the next train is coming, and you can set the time on the map to remind you 15 minutes before it departs. You can now avoid waiting and worrying if you can get just in time for your next destination.

Malaysia Airlines for Plane Tickets

Malaysia Airlines offers a variety of services on its website, such as flights, tickets, check-in, and status updates. It also offers hotel bookings through its partner Booking. You can also use this app when you do not want to wait in line at the counter.

Malaysia is truly a magnificent country as it offers a wide variety of places for tourists to visit. It ranges from the mountains, city, and beach. It caters to most of what tourists are finding. With this, it is up to you how you will manage your time with so many places to visit. Nevertheless, it is guaranteed that you will be amazed by the beautiful views and delicious delicacies Malaysia has to offer.

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