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EPF Account Registration – A Guide to Registering EPF Accounts for Employers

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit scheme in Malaysia which is available to all salaried employees who work in the private sector. The EPF was formed in Malaysia in accordance with the Employees Provident Fund Act 1991, and provides a convenient framework for employers to help them meet the statutory and moral obligations to their employees.

It is mandatory for employers and employees to make the required contribution to the individual EPF accounts based on the monthly wages of the employee in question. For employees who earn a monthly wage of RM5,000 and below, the employers will be required to contribute 13% of the employees’ wages to the EPF fund. Employees who earn more than RM5,000 a month on the other hand, would receive a contribution of 12% from their respective employers.


How to Register an EPF Account for a Company

Based on the requirements of the Employees Provident Fund Act 1991, employers are required to register for with the EPF office within seven days from the date that the employer becomes liable to contribute, that is as soon as an employee is hired.

To register with the EPF, an employer would be required to complete Form KWSP 1 with supporting documents including Section 14, Section 15 which will be issued by the Companies Commission or a Business Registration Certificate together with the application for registration.

Once the employer has been registered, the company or employer in question would receive the following:

  • An Employer’s Reference Number (this must be used in all EPF dealings);
  • Form KWSP 6 (Form A) for the payment of monthly contributions;
  • Form KWSP 3 to register employees as member;
  • Form KWSP 4 which is a nomination form; and
  • An Employer’s Registration Certificate, which is a certificate to be exhibited at the employer’s premises.

If an employer would like to be registered under more than one employer’s reference number to facilitate the monthly payment contributions, they will be able to do so.