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List Of Positions Not Applicable For Expatriate Status

List of positions not applicable for Expatriate status under the Sectors regulated by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

 Mechanical & Electrical
1Electrical Charge man
2Electrical Wireman
3Telephone and Telegraph Installer
4Air Conditioning Unit (including ducting works) Installer
5Lift and Escalator Installer and Tester
 Earth Moving Plant Operator
6Excavator Operator
7Shovel Operator
8Dozer Operator
9Motor Grader Operator
10Scrapper Operator
11Roller Compactor Operator
12Backhoe Loader Operator
13Lorry Driver
14Forklift Operator
15Wheel Loader Operator
 Crane Operator
16Crawler Crane Operator
17Mobile Crane Operator
18Tower Crane Operator
 Non-Destructive Testing
19Radiography Testing Technician
20Ultrasonic Testing Technician
21Penetrant Testing Technician
22Magnetic Particle Testing Technician
23Scaffolding Inspector
24Frame & Modular Scaffolder
25Tube & Coupler
26Assistant Scaffolder
 Building & Civil
27Plumbing & Sanitary Fitter
28Water reticulation Pipe Installer
29SMAW 1G Welder
30FCAW (SS) Pipe/Plate -1G &3G Welder
31GTAW (CS) Pipe -6G & 3G Welder
32FCAW (GS) Pipe/Plate -6G Welder
33SMAW (CS) Pipe/Plate -6G & 3G Welder
34GTAW (CS) Pipe -6G & 3G Welder
35GT+SMAW (CS) Pipe -6G Welder
36SMAW (CS) Pipe/Plate – 3G Welder
37GTAW (CS) Pipe/Plate -6G & 3G Welder
38Welding Inspector
 Construction Site Supervisor
39Site Supervisor


 Industrialised Building Systems (IBS) Sector.
40.All positions listed under IBS Sector

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