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Why Start a Business in Malaysia? This Guide Will Explain

Advantages of A Malaysia Company

Thinking about starting a business in Malaysia? Then you have the same question as every other investor. What are the advantages of a Malaysia company?

The benefits and advantages will be the biggest motivating factor for any investor looking to incorporate a company abroad. With several equally successful business hubs in Asia like Singapore and Hong Kong, why should you choose Malaysia?


The Advantages of a Malaysia Company

Malaysia is one of the most beautifully diverse countries in Asia. As a multicultural, multilingual, and multi-ethnic country, it certainly has many benefits you can look forward to. Right next door to Singapore, Malaysia is among the more dynamic business Asian business hubs.

In 2018, Malaysia has proclaimed the easiest place in the world to conduct business by the World Bank. This claim was made in their 2018 Ease of Doing Business Report. There are many good reasons for this. Malaysia is strategically positioned, making it the most easily accessible country to other ASEAN economies.

Being next door to Singapore doesn’t mean it is as expensive as Singapore. In fact, it is a very cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality.

Among the other advantages of a Malaysia company include:

  • Strong participation from the public and private sector.
  • Business-friendly environment.
  • Foreign shareholding has no restrictions. A business can be 100% foreign-owned.
  • English is widely spoken.
  • Several liberalisation programs that welcome foreign investment.
  • The infrastructure is strong and well-developed.
  • Opening a corporate bank account is straightforward.
  • Availability of major banking corporations globally.
  • Stable political environment.
  • The strong legal framework governing the country.
  • The education system is world-class.
  • Highly educated workforce.
  • Very affordable and excellent healthcare system.

Malaysia is also home to the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre. Labuan is highly sought after as an offshore jurisdiction. If you’re thinking about incorporating an offshore company, this is the place to do it.

Living in Malaysia also means you enjoy an excellent quality of life. Not to mention gaining access to delicious, international cuisine.

If you own a limited liability company (Sdn. Bhd), another one of the advantages of a Malaysia company is access to certain tax advantages.


Ready to Incorporate a Company in Malaysia?

The advantages of a Malaysia company is something you need to experience for yourself. But one thing you can be sure of is that it will be the best business decision you ever make. Are you ready to start a business in Malaysia? Let us help you make the seamless transition. For more information about our Malaysia company incorporation services, contact our team today.

Advantages of A Malaysia Company