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Immigration Services in Malaysia

Immigration Services in MalaysiaImmigration is one of the main issues every employer has to deal with, whether your company is sending employees to Malaysia or expanding outside of Malaysia to destinations around the world. There are four categories of immigrants available in Malaysia: family class (closely related persons of Malaysian residents living in Malaysia), economic immigrants (skilled workers and business people), other (people accepted as immigrants for humanitarian or compassionate reasons), and refugees. Our experienced Malaysia immigration professionals will partner with you to sort out strategies that help you meet the immigration needs and manage your immigration plan. We always work to ensure that our clients receive the best immigration services. As such, we continuously evaluate our services and our immigration programs to instil efficiencies and add value wherever possible.


Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme

The Malaysia My Second Home program (“MM2H” in short) is an international residency scheme launched by the Malaysian government to allow foreigners to live in the country on a long-stay visa of up to 10 years. The program is open to all citizens of countries [ recognised by Malaysia] regardless of race, religion, gender or age. To be eligible for the program, applicants must meet certain financial and medical criteria. Successful applicants will be granted permissions to enter and leave the country on an unrestricted basis, and they will benefit from some incentives aimed at making their stay in Malaysia more convenient.


Malaysia Employment Pass Application

The Employment Pass (EP) in Malaysia is a work permit that enables an expatriate to work with an organisation in Malaysia. The pass is subject to a duration varies from a minimum of 12 months to the maximum of 60 months [depending on the nature of employment and need of such employment by the hiring organization]. The Immigration Department of Malaysia will issue the Employment Pass upon approval of employment positions by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) in MSC Malaysia.


Malaysia Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

A Professional Visit Pass (PVP) is issued to foreign talents with acceptable professional qualifications or skills. Foreign talents can enter the country and provide services or undergo practical training with a Malaysian company (on behalf of an overseas company on a temporary basis, for up to 12 months). Under this scheme, the skilled foreign worker remains employed by their company in their home country. An extension of the visa for another 12-month period is possible, but the application is made possible after a break of three months after the first 12-month period has expired. A new application must be made for all extensions.


Malaysia Residence Pass – Talent (RP-T)

The Malaysia Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) is a 10-year renewable pass for highly qualified expatriates to continue their service in Malaysia. The RP-T was introduced in 2011 and it offers an attractive range of benefits to expatriates, including the flexibility to change employers multiple times during the validity of the pass.


Migration to Overseas

People migrate for many good reasons. No matter what motivates you to migrate, 3E Accounting will help you to navigate the ins and outs of the migration application, particularly for countries: Australia, United Kingdom, Malta, and Singapore. Moving abroad is not an easy task. While there is a lot of information about the process of moving abroad, you will have less stress and hassle if you do some homework about migration. As such, our experts will help you to understand what should you do and how can you prepare yourself for your migration plan.


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