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Corporate Tax Compliance & Planning Services in Malaysia

Package Fee for Company Tax Services

Packages Available Fee (RM)*
subjected to Service Tax
Annual Filling of Income Tax Return Forms Package (Dormant Company) From RM500
Annual Filling of Income Tax Return Forms Package with tax planning to minimize your tax liability (Active Company) From RM1,000
Filling of Estimate of Tax Payable CP204 / Revision of Estimate of Tax Corporate Tax Estimation CP 204A From RM300 per submission *
Free – if you are engaging our Annual Filing of Income Tax Return Package
Form CP58 – Statement of monetary and non-monetary incentive payment to an agent, dealer or distributor From RM500
Registration of Income Tax Number (C & E Number) and E-Pin number (if applicable) From RM400

* Extra charges are applicable if you require our assistance to prepare the provisional income tax computation for the purposes of estimated tax payable.

Corporate Tax Compliance & Planning ServicesCorporate Tax Compliance & Planning Services

Under the self-assessment system, the burden of computing the tax liability is shifted from the Malaysia Inland Revenue Board (IRB) to the taxpayer and, accordingly taxpayers are expected to compute their tax liability based the tax laws, guidelines and rulings issued by IRB. The Tax Returns submitted will no longer be subject to a detailed review by the IRB, but would be deemed as notices of assessment being served on the taxpayer.

In view of the above, tax compliance has never been so important Corporate Tax Compliance Obligations for the details]. Failure in complying with the income tax requirements represents not only a financial risk i.e. financial penalties and possible increase in the tax charge but also a serious business risk, as it can damage the taxpayer’s reputations and brand name.

To remain competitive, companies should increasingly focusing on their core competencies and activities that create value for the company. Therefore, it will be more efficient and cost effective to outsource the Corporate Tax Compliance & Planning to Professional Tax Consultant like 3E Accounting.

3E Accounting, our qualified and experienced professionals can assist you in managing your tax compliance obligations which a business bears can be lightened. Additionally, 3E Accounting will keep you abreast of tax updates that may affect your business. We will work closely with you to identify tax planning opportunities and implement tax strategies that work best within your organization.

Our Annual Filling of Income Tax Return Forms Package includes:-

  • Preparation / Review of tax computation in determining the Company’s tax positions
  • Filling of Tax Returns – (Form C / C1 / PT / TA / TC / TR or TN)
  • FREE for Filing of Estimate of Tax Payable CP204 / Revision of Estimate of Tax Corporate Tax Estimation CP 204A
  • Preparation of working sheets and appendices as supporting to Tax Returns
  • Advising on the payment of the balance of tax payable (if any) based on the Tax Returns submitted
  • Providing timely reminders of deadlines (by email and by call)
  • Review of tax positions to enhance claims of tax incentives, where applicable
  • Timely updates on latest tax developments and the implications on businesses.

* For Attending to tax inquiries raised by the tax authorities and replying thereto (extra charge is applied depend on the complexity of the queries)


Corporate Tax Compliance & Planning Services

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