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Get Ahead on How to Set Up a Telecommunications Business in Malaysia and Catapult Your Business Today!

Starting a Telecommunications Business in MalaysiaTelecommunications first made its way in the 1830s, with the first mechanical communications device – telegraph, which was considered a monumental success at its time. After a few hundred years, we have arrived with state-of-the-art technology that minimised the time span for data transmission from long hours to mere seconds. The flourishing business of telecommunications has launched plenty of entrepreneurs to tycoons by taking advantage of the industry and its demands. With the increasing consumption of data, you too can tap into the benefits of this growing trend and learn how to set up your very own telecommunications business in Malaysia.

Over the decades, Malaysia has improved in many aspects of technology and has seen significant growth in the telecommunications industry. Steady regulations and market liberalisation played a substantial role in stimulating the development of the telecoms business in the nation. Wherever the is demand, there is a chance to make lucrative investments. With 4G coverage on the rise and the incoming 5G network, Malaysians are ready for the new wave of technology to increase their quality of lives through reduced latency and the improved connectivity for billions of devices.


What Does a Telecommunications Business Encompass?

Telecommunications is a vast sector that comprises information transmission, whether it’s in words, audio, or video across the globe. The edge that telecoms give us is the ability to overcome long-distance barriers and to exchange information within seconds. People benefit in various ways through this technology that enables us to improve communication, boosts the economy, enhances security and has revolutionised businesses all over the world.


How to Set Up Your Own Telecoms Business

Beginning a telecommunications business in Malaysia is similar to other companies in the country. First, you need to check for an untrademarked name, register your company and acquire the required licenses. In Malaysia, the government regulates the licenses under the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC); here you can apply for the permits under the Postal Services Act 2012, the Digital Signature Act 1997 and the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. On that note, thoroughly read the terms and conditions of these regulations and make sure your business meets the standards set by the Malaysian authorities.

There are four categories of licensable activities under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998:

  • Network Facilities Provider
    These providers are in charge of building convergence models on which network, applications and content services are being delivered upon.
  • Network Services Providers
    Basic connectivity and bandwidth are supplied to sustain various applications by network service providers. Aside from that, they are also responsible for connecting different networks.
  • Applications Service Providers
    As the title goes, these are the providers for functions like voice, data or content-based services. The services are delivered to end-users through functions and capabilities through the means of everyday applications.
  • Content Applications Service Providers
    There are the providers responsible for providing traditional broadcasting, information, online publishing services, etc.

You can find out more about the types of licenses and procedures involved in how to set up a telecommunications business in Malaysia here.


Starting a Telecommunications Business in Malaysia


The Bottom Line

Malaysia is an up and coming location to start a telecommunications business; it is a growing market that is both competitive as has excellent potential for those who are willing to patiently reap the seed that they sowed. Just like any other businesses, the telecommunication industry also comes with its own sets of pros and cons. It is imperative for you to grapple the reality that there are risks present in this type of business as well. Therefore, to minimise risk and increase profit, do your intended research on telecommunications business industry so that you can make your informed and calculated decisions.