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Human Resource – Payroll Services in Malaysia


Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management

3E Accounting Malaysia is a certified Ordinary Member of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management, the first and only professional body authorised to certify HR practitioners in the country. We deliver top quality and professional HR services to their clients in conformance with the set standards.


Package Fee for Payroll / Human Resource Services

Packages Available Fee (RM)
subjected to 6% Service Tax
EPF Account Application from RM300
Online PCB (“Potongan Cukai Bulanan” or “MTD” in English abbreviation) account application from RM300
SOCSO Account Application from RM300
EIS Account Application from RM300
One time payroll setup fee from RM300
One time bank setup fee from RM700
Monthly Payroll Processing Services@ from RM100 per staff (With Terms and Conditions applies)
Assist with Monthly Salary Payment Services from RM100 per staff
Assist with Monthly EPF, SOCSO, PCB Payment Submission Services Out-of-pocket expenses
Preparation Of Form E from RM300
Preparation Of Form EA from RM200 per staff
Preparation Of CP21 * from RM200 per staff
HRDF Assessment and/or Account Registration from RM400

@ include preparation of payroll report, payslip and EPF/SOCSO/PCB form
* Please inform us once you are made known of any resignation of employee, so that we have sufficient time to prepare tax clearance for the resigning employee (if necessary). We will not held responsible for any late submission of tax clearance to IRB.
** For bulk payroll processing with more than 100 employees, please contact us for a customised and comprehensive fee package.

One of the most important tasks for all businesses is the preparation of payroll and payment of salary. The process can be complicated further and be more time-consuming due to additional components such as benefits, allowances, deductions, government remittance, etc. It is no surprise that many SMEs choose to outsource their payroll function to accounting firms.

Our payroll specialists are well-trained and equipped with the most advanced payroll systems to process even the most complex payroll account.

Our service ensures that the government remittances such as EPF are paid on time, tax filing requirements are followed and payroll information is kept confidential at offsite facilities.


How it Works

When you engage 3E’s Payroll Service, you will be assigned a payroll officer who will personally work with you on your payroll needs.

Based on the information and required documents you submit to us, your payroll officer will review and organize the submitted information to create and maintain your payroll ledger. The payroll officer will also, per your instruction, make payments and submit all necessary payroll taxes.

Our Payroll Service includes, but is not limited to, the following accounting functions:

  • Salary calculation based on weekly, bi- weekly or monthly pay periods
  • Salary payment to employees through bank transfers
  • EPF registration and timely monthly payment
  • Issuance of Form EA for personal tax filings including statutory annual returns


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