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Malaysia Professional Visit Pass (PVP)


Package Fee for Professional Visit Pass Application

Packages Available Fee (RM)
subjected to 6% Service Tax
Professional Visit Pass application @ RM 5,000

For any enquiries on work pass application, kindly note there will be a preliminary consultation fee of RM500 to be paid upfront before we can proceed with the said consultation, due to in depth research required on case to case basis and our Senior Consultant will speak to you once payment is received. This applies to enquiry via email, phone call or walk-in.

In order for us to proceed with preliminary consultation meeting at a minimal fee of RM500, you must own a company which has been incorporated for more than 1 year and subscribe to our Annual Corporate Services.

Based on our past observation the successful rates for companies incorporated with less than 1 year are usually very slim. Apart from that, the said process is complicated and information essential. Hence, you are required to subscribe to our annual secretarial service to facilitate us to retain better understanding of your company’s background first.

@ The fee quoted above are excluded actual out-of-pocket expenses such as government fee, translation fee and etc. Kindly remind that the application of pass is subjected to immigration authority approval.

@@ You must subscribe to our annual secretarial service before we can assist in professional visit pass application

Professional Visit Pass is a temporary pass that enables a foreign knowledge worker (with acceptable professional qualifications or specialist skills) to enter Malaysia for business and professional visits under a contract of service with an organisation in Malaysia. The duration of a PVP up to maximum of 12 months.

The PVP is issued to a foreigner with desirable professional qualifications or specialist skills, who is entering Malaysia to take up professional work for a short term period of not exceeding twelve (12) months. To qualify for the PVP, the applicant must be outside Malaysia at the time of application

The following type of working roles may qualify for the PVP:

  • Professor/Lecturer/Speaker
  • Researcher/Assistant Researcher
  • Consultant
  • Technical Advisor
  • Installation and Fixing of Machines and equipment expert
  • Maintenance expert of Machines and equipment

The Expatriate are only allowed to work with company as stated in the pass. Besides, the Professional Visit Pass holders are not entitled to apply for Dependant Passes for his / her family members.