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Business Credit Report Searches in Malaysia

Looking for business credit report to mitigate your risk of debt default when you conduct business dealings with individual / sole proprietor / partnership / company in Malaysia?

We can assist with the 3 basic business information searches at RM 50 (W/GST RM53) per report as follows:

  1. Company Intelligence (CI): Available ROC company details as per last updated data with 5 year profit & loss and balance sheet summary plus Credit Intelligence report.
    (For Sdn Bhd & Bhd)
  2. Business Intelligence (BI): Available business details as per last updated data plus Credit Intelligence report on Business and sole-proprietor.
    (For Sole Proprietor and Partnership)
  3. Credit Intelligence – Individual (CRI): Credit information that includes available data on Litigation, Bankruptcy, Trade Credit reference, Financial & Commercial Related Search Count, Addresses and Shareholding interest or secretary in any companies / businesses.
    (For Individual)

* The details of business credit report may not be accurate as it is not updated on real time basis. If you need any rectification, additional charges apply or you may contact the vendor directly for assistance.

These critical information can assist companies in credit related decision making such as granting credit & monitoring debtors, qualifying market leads, financial, purchasing and general management decisions.

Contact us today at to order for the searches.