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Malaysia Business Support Services

As one of the top-performing one-stop Malaysia business support service providers, 3E Accounting Malaysia provides a comprehensive Malaysia Business Support Services to both foreign and local companies in the country. As at today, 3E Accounting Malaysia has incorporated several hundreds companies along with its value-added on-going company administration services and corporate support services. At 3E Accounting, our Malaysia Business Support Services aims to unlock and optimise your business potential with our one-stop solutions company support services and customized services.

Our full-spectrum Malaysia Business Support Services is as below.

Start A Malaysia Company

Despite the rising global economic uncertainties, the Malaysian economy remains robust – many investors see it as an ideal investment destination. Coupled with the comprehensive economic partnerships, Malaysia has attracted many global investors to setup company or do business in the country.

Malaysia Business Support ServicesMalaysia Company Incorporation Services
Like many other jurisdictions, Malaysia’s company incorporation process is pretty easy and straightforward with the help of Malaysia business support service providers like us. However, there are regulatory requirements that we must comply with and many people might not know or realise how to stay compliant with the statutory requirements. Our hassle-free company registration as well as the professional services will enable you to have your company incorporated at an affordable rate. We are proud to say that 3E Accounting’s company incorporation package is the best in Malaysia because we streamline the process with our uniquely designed company incorporation package , even if you are residing in Singapore – we will help you to Venture to Malaysia with 3E Accounting Singapore in a breeze.

Nominee Director Service
Your Malaysia company needs a local director and you do not know where to find one? Fret not, we have you covered. Our nominee director service comes at affordable charges and guaranteed high-quality services. 3E Accounting, the Malaysia business support service providers will provide the best nominee director services by appointing a right and competent person to act as your local director of your Malaysia company.

Business License Application
Business license application is one of the important aspects that every entrepreneur must pay attention to. The business license application depends on which type of business you would like to have in Malaysia. From Business Premises License Application to WRT License Application, we have you covered – we will provide the assistance in business license application.

Bank Account Opening
Your company needs a corporate bank account to run a business in Malaysia. When you engage 3E Accounting Malaysia to set up your company, we will also help you to open the corporate bank account in Malaysia.

Malaysia Business Support ServicesMSC Malaysia Status Application
MSC Malaysia status is awarded by Malaysian government to both local and foreign multimedia technology-related companies. Companies with MSC Malaysia Status are eligible to apply for attractive incentives, rights, and privileges in Malaysia. 3E Accounting Malaysia will help you to strategize the MSC Status Application by evaluating your business model, reviewing your business plan, as well as guiding you to achieve the MSC status.

Labuan Company Setup
Labuan is not an ordinary place in Malaysia but a tax haven in the region. Like many low tax jurisdictions, Labuan Offshore Company levies zero tax for the majority of companies with non-Malaysian generated income. In other words, you do not need to file the return for income tax and there are no stamp duties, no withholding tax, and no dividend tax levied. 3E Accounting Malaysia can help to setup a Labuan Company.

Business Setup

If you are wondering or thinking which business vehicle suits your business, our Business Setup service can help you to sort out the most relevant business vehicle that meets your business plan. Our service company incorporation service’s experts will guide you to decide the business vehicle as well as to complete the company registration process. Whether it is Shelf Company, Branch Office, or Representative Office, our experts will assist you to complete the company incorporation process.

Start An LLP

What is an LLP in Malaysia? An LLP, Limited Liability Partnership, is a hybrid of traditional private limited (Sendirian Berhad) company and a partnership. This type of business vehicle offers the benefits of a private limited company without the painful reporting requirements.
If you are interested to setup an LLP, we are here to help:

Corporate Secretarial

Malaysia Business Support ServicesWe provide company secretary services to both local and foreign companies to assist them to stay compliant with the various statutory requirements in Malaysia. Our professional team provides a streamlined corporate service, company support services, and corporate support services to meet all aspects of your business that cover:

Immigration Services

Our immigration services cover not only the application matters, but also more value-added services where our experienced professionals will guide and assist you through the process of:

On top of the assistance in work pass application, we also help in processing renewals, appealing as well as tracking your application.

Accounting Services

All Malaysian companies must be able to maintain proper bookkeeping and accounting records as they are part of the statutory requirements. A good accounting service is essential for the survival of a business and can even save you money by increasing business efficiency. It will also help you to make better financial decisions by providing valuable information such as the assessment of business solvency. Our professional accounting team that consists of Malaysia Qualified GST Tax Agent, Chartered Accountant, and Consultant, will help you to maintain your Book of Accounts in a timely manner:

Human Resource

Human resource is no doubt one of the important company resources. We understand the importance of having a properly structured Human Resource management in your company. Our human resource services combine the in-depth knowledge of payroll system, training, employee benefits as well as recruitment to help you effectively manage your human resources while engaging your employees.
Our professional services include the following:

Taxation Services

Malaysia Business Support ServicesThough taxation can be a complex subject for many people, it can be handled easily with the help of the taxation expertise. Our experience taxation specialist will help you in all the taxation matters, from the statutory tax filings, tax saving strategies as well as staying compliance with government taxation regulations, we have you covered. Our exclusive taxation services include:

Auditing Services

3E Accounting Malaysia’s associates are compliance-oriented audit service provider that provides full-spectrum audit services and assurance services to all industry types. Apart from the financial audit, we also carry out statutory audit and internal audit as part of our auditing services.

Our associates auditing services include:

Legal Services

Just like many jurisdictions, laws and regulations are the integral part of business. The effectively managed legal administration can maximise your company’s potential while limiting your liability. However, we all know that legal administration is not a one-off task/service but is subject to fast-changing external requirements. 3E Accounting Malaysia will work with you to identify a clear and good strategy for your company’s legal administration.
Our legal services that include:

Business Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory Services focus on strategizing for the business success and growth. In other words, our business advisory services consist of a hybrid of business coaches, mentors, and accountants that provide strategic thinking and advice. Our Business Advisory Services include:

Virtual Office Services

Virtual office services have been very popular among investors who want to keep their budget lean. Virtual office service allows you to have not only the local address but also reduces your overhead expenses.
Our virtual office services cover the following:

Stamp / Seal Makers Services

In Malaysia, having a company stamp is one of the post company incorporation steps. If you are looking for a good stamp / seal makers services, we are here to help!
Our stamp / seal makers services include the following:

Software Sale and Development

Malaysia Business Support ServicesAccounting software sale and development is essential for companies of all sizes and in any industry where it increases productivity, reduces overhead costs, and promotes mistake-free accounting tasks. We have shortlisted the best accounting software that will help your company:

Malaysia Business Support Services