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Migration to Overseas


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At some point in life, almost everyone considers leaving his or her home and moving to somewhere where they hope to lead better lives. There can be numerous reasons for this, such as employment opportunities, further studies, living nearer or with family members and even to enjoy cheaper living costs. However, before you pack your bag and purchase your one-way ticket, there are several things which need to be first considered. Some countries offer simple immigration policies, while others do not. Therefore, it is important to ensure you get professional advice on the necessary requirements and all other relevant information before making any decision. Among the top migration choices include:



This country has an economy which has been resilient through several financial crises and is expected to continue growing. Australia also enjoys a low unemployment rate and according to reports, those skilled workers on long-term work visas, often decide to stay on. Australians also enjoy a good quality of life and is among countries with high education standards. The country also boasts a very low crime rate and enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers. Also, the resource sector in Australia is booming and there is an increasing need for skilled workers to meet industry demands. This provides ample opportunities for skilled workers to look towards Australia for migration. New migrants and their dependants in most categories have unlimited work rights and permanent migrants become eligible to apply for citizenship provided they meet the criteria.


United Kingdom

The current labour market in the UK has been a significant draw for migrants from within the European Union and non-EU countries. Also, there is a continuous demand for those specialised in certain fields. For low-wage jobs, the UK’s flexible labour market and a range of other policies have played a role in drawing in workers from the EU. The UK has over the years, built a strong reputation for its diversified and cosmopolitan life with more than 50 nationalities and 300 different languages. The country has excellent universities and colleges, museums, galleries, theatres, restaurants as well as beautiful parks and open green spaces. London is the capital of the UK and the largest metropolitan area in the EU. It is also an international centre for finance, media, culture and the arts. The education quality in the UK is world renowned and universities here offer internationally-recognised courses and prestigious qualifications of the highest standard. The country also has excellent healthcare and one will truly appreciate the NHS (National Health Service), which offers free medical care to all UK citizens.



This tiny island has increasingly become a top destination for those looking for some place with an affordable cost of living. With its rich natural beauty and architectural gems, Malta is an ideal place for those seeking a better quality of life. The island is also full of various successful industries such as the gaming industry and financial services. A major plus point of moving to Malta is that a person does not need to apply for residency before moving and can use his or her tourist visa while sorting things out. Also, there are two types of residency depending on where you are migrating from. The ordinary residence applies to people coming to Malta from the EU, while permanent residence in open to everyone. One will need to renew the ordinary residence permit every five years, while permanent residence permits are renewable every year. In July 2013, the Maltese Government introduced a new residency programme which offers special tax status to third country nationals. To apply for this programme you need to satisfy certain criteria.



Singapore is a country which is noted for among others, its excellent healthcare – from primary care, screening to quaternary care services such as organ transplants. The island is also noted as the hub of asia, with one of the world’s busiest airports and port. It also offer very low taxation, which leaves you with a high disposable income which easily rivals what is offered in other countries. It also offers the highest standard of living in South East Asia and is reasonably priced considering the higher disposable income. Singapore boasts a public transport system which is efficient, inexpensive and readily accessible with a combination of public transport and taxis. It has also been noted that the island is on the cutting edge of technology due to their intelligently designed infrastructure. Nowhere else in the world even comes close. What is most surprising is Singapore actually wants immigrants. Foreign talents are welcome to live and work in Singapore – the third richest country in the entire world.

With so many options and the world at your feet, it is often difficult to make the right choice. Going on vacation to a particular country and actually settling there are two different things and the wrong choice could well be detrimental to your future. This is where you need the help of professionals – those with information at their finger tips who can advice you and answer all your queries. We, at 3E Accounting have the information you need and our well-informed experts will assist you from the very start and make your dreams of living in the country of your choice a reality.