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Own Your Brand Name While Everything Else is in Progress

Whenever people say start small if you want to start a business, these days people will open an online store. There are various ways of doing business online. Some will try to find a niche offering for the market. Some will go for the jack of all trades. Whatever trading that you pursue, make it yours and unique. You can start with a brand name. While registering to trademark your brand could be cumbersome, there is another way to own a brand name. It is through a domain name. This is where you get acquainted with domain name registration Malaysia to reserve that unique brand name online.

3E Accounting Malaysia will help you to reserve the unique brand name online.


Yours and Unique

Having a brand name is the first step to introducing your business to others. While trying to make profits, your brand name can be ready over the Internet in a few clicks. Through a domain name registration Malaysia, you can reserve whatever brand name you desire. Your domain name is the legible address of your website. Hence, when you register a domain name, it is yours to use it. It must be unique, but it must also be memorable so that people can find you quickly. Your domain name can be with the extension .com, or


Registered to You

When you register a domain name, you get to use the address throughout the subscription. A domain name registration Malaysia allows you to subscribe to the desired and available domain name for a year, or five years or even ten years. It all depends on how much you can afford and how long you intend to use it. Maybe, all that you want to do is to secure the right first. Hence, you subscribe for a year. Your website could be in progress, and once it is ready, you can point the domain name to wherever your website is hosted. Some web service providers even allow domain transfers so that you can manage everything in one place. Be sure to renew the domain name subscription when due, otherwise other people could register it as theirs. Registration is a straightforward process, and it ensures you can use the domain name straight away.


Simple Search, Simple Registration

Are you excited yet? If you are, you can start searching on any web hosting service provider. Be sure you obtain such services from registered domain name registrars. When you have the unique name in mind, type in the search box and see if it’s available. Domain name registration Malaysia also allows your name to be registered as a domain name. When such name is ready for use, you can apply to register it. Once you have furnished all supporting documents and pay up necessary fees, it will take a couple of days to register. Once completed, you would be the proud registered user of the desired domain name.

Domain Name Registration Malaysia