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Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Malaysia

Deliver Excellent Customer Experience—Take Your Service up a Notch by Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM into Your Business Landscape

To increase your customer base, sales and build long-term customer relationships, you need to focus on delivering excellent customer experience; and for that, you need to take your customer service up a notch. It’s important to implement actions and strategies that help you not just make onetime sales but win over your customers for a lifetime. So, we, at 3E Accounting Malaysia, highly recommend you to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your IT landscape.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM—what is it?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not just a business application but a powerhouse. Deployed with all the best CRM practices, MS Dynamics CRM is the ultimate solution designed to maximise customer relationships with existing customers and develop strong ties with new clients.

MS Dynamics CRM will empower your staff to deliver superior customer service and make a long-lasting impression on every customer.

It is a sophisticated platform, feature-rich, and user-friendly. It has the potential to drive your business sales productivity and improve marketing effectiveness through BI (Business Intelligence), campaign management and social insights. MS Dynamics Customer Relationship Management business solution is available on-site, in the cloud and even in the hybrid combination.

Using MS Dynamics CRM, your sales force can personalize every customer interaction and build deeper business relationships with them. You can share valuable customer information with every member of your team through multiple communication channels, so that whoever interacts with the customer has complete information and is ready to deliver excellent customer experience.


Amazing Features and Benefits of MS Dynamics CRM-Stand Out from the Crowd

  1. It allows your team to track all customer interactions and store data
  2. Share customer information across organization
  3. Integrate it with apps and programs such as MS Outlook, Office 365, BI Yammer, MS Power and Skype and leverage existing technology that your team already knows how to use
  4. Use customer information to gain valuable insights and qualify prospects
  5. Improve your customer service
  6. Sell quickly and effectively by benefitting from MS Dynamics CRM sales features like social insights, account management, collaborative selling and sales analytics
  7. Enable your staff to personalize customer experience across all mediums like the web, phone and social media platform by bringing customer information at their fingertips through features like multichannel service, USD (Unified Service Desk), knowledge base, enterprise case-management and knowledge base.
  8. Market products, services and promotions powerfully by using features like lead management, campaign management, social marketing, marketing resource management and evaluate the success of the campaign using marketing analytics feature. Plan, implement and gauge your marketing campaign success from the moment it begins to the time it ends.

We offer you MS Dynamics CRM service in collaboration with our affiliate partner 3E Accounting Singapore. Get in touch with us to win over the loyalty of your customers and watch your sales skyrocket.