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Company Information Search in Malaysia

Company Information Search in MalaysiaLike any private individuals, a business has its own credit history and legal background. As the name goes, company information search is a request with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM or Companies Commission of Malaysia) to get corporate and financial information of a Company. For verifying the existence of a Malaysia company, please refer to How to Verify a Company in Malaysia.

Why Do We Do Malaysia Company Search?

Having a background check on business or company search is a good idea to help you to avoid poor service, questionable characters, conflicts of interest, poor value for money as well as dodgy dealings. This is because knowing your customer’s company background or customer’s financial record before dealing with them will help you to understand the creditability of your customers before closing any business deals.

Many hiring managers will run background investigation and check the candidate’s references to ensure the person is qualified for the job and to avoid negligent hiring claims. For job seekers, he or she can gain insight about the Company’s background before committing his or her future with the Company.

What does Company Search provide?

All Malaysia companies (Sdn. Bhd or Private Limited) are required to submit their Annual Return as well as their audited financial statements to SSM annually. Anyone can search on any one of the more than 1,000,000 (Sdn Bhd) companies or over 4,200,000 (sole proprietors / partnership) business Companies registered with SSM (Please note that all information requested is totally private & confidential).

Hence, the Company Search (SSM Printout) will provide the following information:

  1. Full name of company
  2. Old company name (if any)
  • Date of change of name (if any)
  1. Company number
  2. Date of incorporation
  3. Registered office address
  • Business address of the company
  • Type of business
  1. Share capital information including authorised and issued capital.
  2. Details of the Company Directors including name, address, I/C no and date of appointment.
  3. Details of the Company Secretary including name, address, I/C no and date of appointment.
  • Details of Shareholders of the company
  • Record of Charges / Debentures of the company
  • Summary of the financial information of the company


Company Information Search in Malaysia

If you engage with 3E Accounting’s Company Search service, we can help you check the GST status of the company. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in the company search.