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AI Account – Future of Cloud-Based Accounting Software

AI Account - Future of Cloud-Based Accounting SoftwareIn the fast-paced world of business, efficiency and adaptability are key to staying competitive. AI Account, top 5 cloud-based accounting software in Singapore, embodies these principles by offering a powerful, flexible, and efficient solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.


Packages Available Fee (SGD)
AI Account – Cloud Accounting Software
– Support multiple currency– Support inventory mangaement– Support fixed asset register
– Unlimited transactions
– Unlimited users
– Real time management accounts report generated by AI Account
Free #
AI Account Implementation includes
– Chart of accounts setup
– Banking accounts setup
– Issue initial logins for the users
– Customized for invoice template
Free #
AI Account annual support
– Annual email and phone support for AI Account from Mon to Fri except PH 9am to 6pm
– FREE regular updates and reminders on tax, compliance and grants
** All accounting transactions are to be input by the client directly into AI Account. Extra charges apply if other services such as data entry , reconciliation is requested.
Free #
Monthly Bookkeeping Services included
– AI Account software subscription– AI Account annual support
– Accounts Payable reconciliation
– Accounts Receivable reconciliation
– Bank account reconciliation
– Consultation for accounting and GST treatments
From $300 (with GST $327) per month
AI Account training Easy to use, no training is required


AI Account - Future of Cloud-Based Accounting Software# Free for our existing client who engage our annual secretarial services. (terms and conditions apply)

Here’s why AI Account is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for companies seeking to optimize their financial processes.


Ease of Use

AI Account stands out with its user-friendly interface, allowing users to get started immediately without the need for extensive training. This ease of access ensures that businesses can quickly adapt to the software, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Cloud-Based Automation

At the core of AI Account is its high-level automation, which streamlines accounting processes efficiently. By automating routine tasks, AI Account frees up valuable time for financial teams to focus on more strategic activities, thereby enhancing overall business performance.


Customizable to Meet Global Needs

Understanding the diverse regulatory environments of different countries, AI Account is designed to be highly customizable. This flexibility ensures that businesses across the globe can adapt the software to meet country-specific accounting requirements, making it a truly global solution.


Multi-Currency Support

AI Account simplifies the complexity of handling transactions in various currencies. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses operating on an international scale, providing them with the tools to manage global transactions effortlessly.


Advanced Inventory and Asset Management

With AI Account, inventory management and fixed asset tracking are automated, reducing errors and saving time. These features allow businesses to maintain accurate records and improve the overall efficiency of inventory and asset management.


Advanced Consolidation Capabilities

Unlike many other accounting solutions, AI Account offers advanced capabilities for generating consolidated accounts automatically. This is particularly useful for firms managing multiple companies, as it simplifies the complex task of financial consolidation.


Scalability for Growing Businesses

AI Account is designed to scale with your business. Whether you’re managing one company or multiple entities, the software supports an unlimited number of users and companies, making it ideal for accounting firms that handle a large client base.


Industry Recognition and Reliability

Proven and trusted, AI Account is used by over 800 companies and is recognized as one of the top five cloud-based accounting software solutions in the market. This reputation is a testament to its reliability and effectiveness in managing business finances.


Unlimited Quotes and Invoices

With AI Account, businesses can issue unlimited quotes and invoices, removing the limitations often imposed by other software. This feature ensures that billing processes are never hindered, regardless of business size or client volume.


Performance and Cost Efficiency

AI Account is not only fast and responsive but also offers significant cost savings. For firms managing 20 clients, AI Account can achieve a cost reduction of 10x to 40x compared to other software, providing substantial financial benefits.



Choosing AI Account means opting for a cloud-based accounting solution that delivers power, flexibility, and efficiency. It’s designed to streamline your accounting practices while scaling effortlessly with your growing business needs. AI Account provides the tools you need to manage your finances more effectively and with greater ease, proving it’s not just software, but a pivotal part of your business success strategy.