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Malaysia Company Super Form

Malaysia Company Super FormDo you want to set up a business in Malaysia? Then you are going to want to read on and discover what a company super form is. If you are not already familiar with it, a company super form was introduced as a replacement for the currently multiple forms which are needed by business individuals when they seek to set up or incorporate a company in Malaysia.

Previously for example, anyone who wished to incorporate a company in Malaysia would be required to submit Form 6, Form 48A and the M&A as per the outlines of the Companies Act 1965. Since the introduction of the super form, the electronic template has now replaced all these and the form is available online through the MyCOID 2016 portal for ease of access.

The introduction of the super form is intended to simplify the business incorporation process in Malaysia. As such, since the super form has been introduced, there will no longer be any over the counter transactions required since the process is now in favour of mandatory electronic incorporations through the MyCOID portal. With the super form, there will now be only a single interface incorporation template.


What Is Required for the Super Form?

Under the stipulations of the Companies Act 2016, individuals and applicants are still required to provide the following information when attempting to incorporate a company in Malaysia:

  • The name of the company being proposed
  • Details of the nature of the business
  • What type of entity the company would be (private or public)
  • What the proposed registered address of the company would be
  • Details of the intended directors, members and the company secretary


How to Go About Filling Up a Super Form

Just like any other form, filling up a super form is a straightforward process. The form consists of 5 different sections which need to be filled, which include:

  • Section 1: Application Particulars
  • Section 2: Clarification
  • Section 3: Application Details of Directors/Members/Shareholders
  • Section 4: Information to Agency
  • Section 5: Declaration Section

The Clarification Section would be where the applicant would need to clarify the details of the proposed company name. Applicants have the option of leaving this section blank if it is not applicable.

In the Application Details section, applicants will be asked to add the business code which is related to the nature of the business. Once the code has been selected, applicants will need to elaborate on the nature of the business.


Need Help with Your Super Form?

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Malaysia Company Super Form

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