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No Technical Skills Needed if You Need to Get Your Website Online

Web Hosting Services in MalaysiaEverything in our lives today can be done through our fingertips. From the way we shop, search for information, learn, work and even play, our fingers seem to do the most work. Hence, Malaysia businesses need to get onto the digital bandwagon. With social distancing becoming the new norm, we are required to embrace technology for our survival. Some might find that intimidating, as learning technicalities is not for everyone. But worry not. If you need to have a website for the survival of your business, web hosting services in Malaysia is affordable and effortless. With years of establishment and consistent technology upgrades, your website will be in good hands.


Instant Web Loading, Instant Customers

The Internet has taught us that you can get information in a jiffy. Indirectly, we tend to assume that every website found on the Internet should load as fast as Google search. With that in mind, a business needing to go online need to ensure that web hosting services in Malaysia can achieve that expectation. Web users rely on the Internet for information. If your website is loaded with information, but it loads slower than a snail, then it is your loss. Web-users waste no time. If you can get your information to them in an instant, they can instantly become your customers. Find out from your local web hosting service provider how fast is their fast. So, you and your website can immediately provide information and convert users to customers.

Web Hosting Services in Malaysia

Latest Technology

If you opt to have a website, your host should be up to date with the latest technology. The Internet sphere is continually changing as more people are on it. As a client, you may not understand the tech talk your provider will tell you. But keep in mind that your website should have an SSL certificate. Most web hosting services in Malaysia provide SSL certificate to their clients. Whether at a nominal price or included in the subscription, an SSL certificate offers a sense of assurance to the users, if they need to submit sensitive information to you. Find out also if your provider has the one-click application installer. It helps the newbies a lot. There is also plenty of other new technology that you could need as your business expands, such as SSD storage, web analytics services, additional domains, additional email accounts, and more applications.


They Promise to Deliver

For years, web hosting services in Malaysia have delivered, and some exceeded expectations. Hence, for your sanity, do ensure that your service provider can guarantee the following:

  1. Uptime – Technically, once you have uploaded or created your website on the space you subscribed, the next step is for the service provider to publish it on the Internet. At any time, your website should run as usual, and this is what is called uptime. If they can guarantee at least 99% server uptime guarantee, it is good enough. The one per cent usually accounts for something such as a natural disaster, of which Malaysia lacks.
  2. Data Transfers – If your website is going to be full of multimedia and photography, it is going to cost you data transfers. Unless you are good at scaling everything down, your data transfers are probably taken up by the rich media. Data transfers are whatever data you are allowed to transfer onto the server space. The allowance is measured monthly.
  3. Tech support – It will always be available for you anytime, any day, all year round. Make your web hosting tech support your new best friend, and you shall be rewarded with effortless web management.


Web Hosting Services in Malaysia