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Self Ink Stamp | Pre-ink Rubber Stamp | Company Stamps in Malaysia

Self Ink stamp are stamps with a built-in stamp pad. This modern kind of stamp is equipped with an integrated pad which is automatically provided with ink with every stamping process. The ink coated rubber stamp is pressed onto any type of medium such that the colored image is transferred to the medium.

3E Accounting is a rubber stamp maker in Malaysia, we sell self-inked (pre-inked) rubber stamp, customized rubber stamp and more.

Package Fee for Self-Inking Rubber | Company Stamps

Packages Available Fee (RM)
Round stamp RM 50 per unit *
Rectangular stamp RM 50 per unit *
Custom made stamp with logo From RM 80 per unit *
Refill ink – blue, black, red RM 20 per bottle

@ You must subscribe to our annual secretarial service for ordering of company stamp / rubber stamp

* Local courier fee of RM 20 is applied for all the orders. Alternatively, you can self-collect your order at our office.

Self-inking rubber stamps – round stamp (stamp diameter: 24 mm / 26 mm, artwork diameter: 20 mm to 23 mm) = RM 50 only.

Self-inking rubber stamps are a MUST for all businesses! We offer EXPRESS self ink stamps at INCREDIBLY LOW prices. The stamp features:

Upon confirmation of your artwork, the self-inking rubber stamps take about 1 day to make. We offer self-ink stamps in various shapes and sizes, as well as a color selection of blue, black or red ink.

You can walk in between Mon – Fri (9am to 6pm) and have your stamp created.

Following confirmation of your self-inking rubber stamp’s artwork and payment of your invoice, your self-inking rubber stamps will be delivered on the next work day between 12 pm and 5 pm.

We offer other sizes apart from the standard self-inking rubber stamps sizes shown below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on self-inking rubber stamps, by call us at +603 27338633 or by email at, or by completing the order form below. For custom-made company stamps (with logos), please contact us at and we will get back to you by the next working day.

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Price (RM)

3E24 Round Stamp / 3E26 Round Stamp
Diameter: 24 mm / 26 mm
Round StampRound

RM 50

3E1355 Rectangular Stamp
Diameter: 55mm x 13mm
 3E1355 Rectangular Stamp3E1355 Rectangular

RM 50

3E1755 Rectangular Stamp
Dimension: 55mm x 17mm
 3E1755 Rectangular Stamp3E1755 Rectangular

RM 50

3E2867 Rectangular Stamp
Dimension: 67mm x 28mm
 3E2867 Rectangular Stamp3E2867 Rectangular

RM 50

3E3255 Rectangular Stamp
Dimension: 55mm x 32mm
 3E3255 Rectangular Stamprectangular-stamp-ae3263-300x182

RM 50

Refill Ink Blue / Black / Red  Refill Ink

RM 20