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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Malta

Why Register a Company in Malta?

Register Company in MaltaAs a small independent nation-state that is located in the center of the Mediterranean in Europe, the island of Malta is also the smallest member state of EU. However, the fact being small does not stop Malta to rise as one of the investment hot spots in the world.

Its attractive tax system has been the major reason that attracts foreign investors to the country. Indeed, foreign investors can enjoy the benefits of an extremely favorable tax regime, which is accepted by the EU. On top of this, the relatively low living cost, livable environment and amicable climate are the other benefits that foreigners find in Malta. Undoubtedly, the fast-growing economy in Malta has prompted many foreign investors to register a company on this island.


How to Register a Company in Malta?

Many agree that registering a company in Malta has a multiplicity of advantages. The tax regime that is based on a full imputation system and the tax refund policies has attracted many investors to expand their business portfolio in the nation. In addition, the procedure of registering a company in Malta is quite straightforward and can be done within 2 working days.

Here is a quick tutorial about company registration in Malta.

  1. Decide the business types:
    • Private limited liability companies- The private limited liability company is the most common type of business vehicle in Malta. A minimum share capital of 1,165 euros and two shareholders, one director, one company secretary and a registered office are required in the registration.
    • Public limited liability companies- The public limited liability company requires a minimum of two shareholders with a minimum share capital of around 46,600 euros. This type of company may trade its shares on the Maltese Stock Exchange.
    • Partnerships- Two types of partnerships foreign entrepreneurs available in Malta: the general partnership and the limited partnership.

    Other than the above-mentioned companies, foreign companies may choose to set up either subsidiaries or branch offices. Please note that a subsidiary will be registered under one of the limited liability types of companies available in Malta.

  2. Name the business:
    • Do a name search of the proposed company name to check availability.
    • Reserve the company name with the Maltese Commercial Register.
  3. Prepare the necessary documents:

    The most important documents are the memorandum and articles of association, which must contain:

    • The business type
    • The shareholder’s name and residence,
    • The company’s name
    • The valid address of the registered office in Malta,
    • The objects of activity,
    • The share capital,
    • The list of directors (number and the names),
    • The name and residence of the company secretary.
  4. Deposit the minimum share capital
  5. File the application with the Trade Register:

    The filled in company registration form, together with the memorandum and articles of association and the bank receipt confirming the share capital deposit has to be submitted to the Malta Financial Services Authority. The registration takes 2 to 3 days with a registration fee to be paid (depending on the size of the company).

    Lastly, a registered company must obtain its business license and has the company registered for taxation and VAT with the Maltese authorities.

On a final note

Undoubtedly, Malta is more than just an island but a rising star as one of the most preferred investment hot spots in the world. If you are planning to expand your business, why not consider Malta as the springboard to enter the huge EU market?

Register Company in Malta

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