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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Macedonia

Register Company in MacedoniaThe landlocked country of Macedonia is located in the Southeast of Europe. It sits in the European continent, neighbours EU members and Macedonia itself is a candidate country for the European Union. Being landlocked does not make this small country any lesser than its counterparts. For the small size of the country, Macedonia makes it worthwhile for potential business owners to set up shop. Thanks to its open economy and attractive tax exemptions for international investors, Macedonia is now more often in the list of places to do business. Moreover, it takes less than a day to register a company in Macedonia.


Investing in Investors

The Macedonian government has made it a priority to ensure international investors get the best services they can get when desiring to invest in Macedonia. From setting up a business venture to paying tax even to the overall business culture. For starters, Macedonia introduces tax exemptions for international business investors. It has also established exemptions for business and income for the high-technology industry.


Ease of Doing Process to Register Company in Macedonia

Macedonia has set up a one-stop-shop system to assist business owners in registering a company in four hours. Then, this system is part and parcel of Macedonia’s ease of doing business culture. The government of Macedonia ensures that registering for a company in Macedonia, regardless of the type, will take less than a day, from the moment you apply for company registration. Foreign business owners do not need to get special permission other than generally required by the law.


The Company Registration Process

To register a company in Macedonia, start by visiting the Central Registry Office. Here you can obtain necessary information from one place, and communicating only with one person. The company registration can do via online registration. Before you can register a company, you need to file an application.

Filing an Application

  • Decide on the type of company you are to form and register in Macedonia
  • The most common type is the Limited Liability Company (DOO or DOOEL)
  • For an individual foreign citizen, the founder’s photocopy of the passport must be submitted along with other required documentation. The photocopy must be translated by an authorised translator.
  • Prepare the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association complete with details of the owners, business address, company activities, minimum share capital deposited into a Macedonian bank account as well as the company secretary.

Registering a Company

  • Bring all prepared documentation to the Central Registry office and submit it.
  • The registry will register the company to the Trade Register.
  • Once completed, the applicant will need to open a bank account to deposit the minimum share capital
  • Next, apply for licenses and permits to properly begin business operation in Macedonia
  • Finally, register for tax purposes and apply for the company’s seal as soon as receiving the Certificate of Incorporation.

Register Company in Macedonia

There you have it. If you need more information on how to register a company in Macedonia, you may contact us. We will gladly assist you and your business needs, ensuring you have a blissful business venture in Macedonia.