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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Japan

Register Company in JapanJapan has always been a business haven for businesses, and the number of non-Japanese owned businesses continues to steadily. Japan is a beautiful country, with technology so advanced and ahead of many other countries around the world.

Foreign nationals who live in Japan for business purposes chose to do so in this country because of its safe and secure country. The country’s well connected transportation system makes getting around a breeze, and the inexpensive cost of the transportation is a bonus.


Why choose to register a company in Japan

Japan offers investors a stable and exciting business market which is globally competitive. Japan is especially competitive in the environment, healthcare, IT and automotive industries.

Japan also has a highly educated workforce, and is a country that prizes university education. Japan is also well known for its strong work ethic, giving investors access to a workforce that is dedicated and committed to getting the job done well. The Japanese people take pride in every task that they take on, and are willing to undergo long hours to reflect their dedication towards their jobs.

Japan’s GDP is also ranked third in the world and is one of the leading economy in the Asian region. Japan is also an innovation hub, with technology being used in the country that isn’t necessarily used anywhere else in the world just yet.

Being the third largest economy in the world after US and China, the country’s business friendly infrastructure is also well developed, making it a conducive business environment.

Japan also has over 20 ports and five international airports. The country also boasts the highest number of millionaires in Asia. Its strategic location, open economy and cutting edge business structure makes it an ideal stepping stone to gain access into other Asian markets.

Given all those reasons and more, it is easy to see why Japan is more than an appealing business destination for investors.


Registering a company in Japan – What you need to consider

To get started on registering a company in Japan, the following steps first need to be fulfilled:

  • Finding the right location for your office base and acquiring a company address for registration
  • Prepare the Articles of Incorporation, which are important because they will determine how the company will be managed.
  • Ensure that the Articles of Incorporation get notarized, which can be done at the Notary Office
  • Prepare the initial capital required
  • Prepare the documentation for the company’s registration
  • File the application for the company registration at the Registry Office

Once the registering of the company has been successfully completed, you will then be able to obtain a registry certificate and the company’s seal certificate, both of which are required at various points in different business situations.

The registration process in Japan would usually take anywhere from two weeks to four weeks. There are possibilities that the registration process could take longer than expected if the investors are living overseas and not based in Japan at the time of registration.

Register Company in Japan

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