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Register Company in France – Business Setup in France

Register Company in FranceWhy Register a Company in France?

As the largest country in Western Europe with the population of 63.6 million, France itself is a major market which is closely connected to the entire Western European market. France is a member of the G-8, the European Union, the World Trade Organization and the OECD. Many see France as a challenging market due to its booming economy. On top of that, its business-friendly environment and the ease of doing business in the country have attracted many investors across the globe.


How to Register a Company in France?

As of now, France has become an ideal destination for foreign investors who wish to expand their business overseas or to traipse into the nearby European markets. In fact, France offers a wide range of business types and speedy incorporation procedures for a person to register his or her company in the country.
Here’s a quick tutorial about registration of a company in France.

  1. Determine the business type:

    According to French law, below are the types of companies that can be run by foreign investors:

    • The limited liability company (SARL): The most common type of company and the requirements for share capital are minimal: 1 EUR.
    • The joint-stock company/public limited company (SA): Suitable for medium or large companies and this type of business require more founders. The minimum share capital for this legal entity is 37,000 EUR.
    • The simplified joint stock company (SAS): Similar to a SA but large minimum share capital apply and it must have at least two partners where the partners have the freedom to organize the operation of the company.
    • The single-member limited liability company (EURL): Is a type of SARL with only one member the company taxation is different from limited liability company.
    • The general partnership (SNC): Formed by at least two associates who are jointly liable for the debts and obligations of the partnership.
  2. Name the company

    A name search of the proposed company name on the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI) website is mandatory. A certificate of reservation will be issued and the entity can proceed with the rest of the operations if the proposed name is relevant.

  3. Incorporate the company
    • The entity representative must file a request for registration.
    • All the necessary documents [for company registration] have to be submitted at the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE) – articles of association, the bank certificate (evidence of the capital deposit), a proof that the specific Gazette has received a notification regarding the establishment of the new company, the structure of the entity and its purposes, the valid addresses of the managing board and of the company.
    • All business entities are compulsory to register at the CFE.
    • The CFE will send the necessary information to every office and authority to register the company in the Registre Nationale des Entreprise.
    • Every newly registered company will receive the SIRENE (Systéme Informatique pour le Répertoire des Entreprises), SIRET (Systéme Informatique pour le Répertoire des Etablissements) and NAF (Nomenclature des Activitees Francaises) numbers.
    • Every new company must buy the special accounting book from Commercial Court or authorized stores after they have done all the incorporation procedures.
  4. On a final note

    The investor-friendly policies and huge market size of France as in the entire Europe have further cemented France as one of the preferred countries for foreign investors. In fact, France really offers a multiplicity of advantages for investors looking to have a base in Europe.



Register Company in France

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