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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Switzerland

Register Company in SwitzerlandSwitzerland is one of the most sought-after countries for starting a business. This is because of its political and economic stability. As such, there are so many business opportunities in Switzerland. Today, the Swiss constitution allows anyone, including foreigners, to start a business in the country.

If you plan to start a business in Central Europe, then Switzerland is the place for you. You only need to have a clear business idea to start running your company. Here is a guide on how to register a company in Switzerland.


Why Start a Business in Switzerland?

Your location choice for a business is very important in today’s competitive world. If you want to penetrate Central Europe, then Switzerland is a good place to start. It offers many unique advantages for entrepreneurs to not just profit but also grows.

Aside from Switzerland having a very good economy to start a business in, its government also encourages investors to pursue the field. Potential business owners have access to funding and support from the Swiss government. Additionally, private agencies and individuals are also putting up initiatives to support startups in Switzerland.

While its many neighbouring countries have slow processes to register a company, Switzerland has put many functions online to speed things up. Additionally, unlike Germany or France, where processes are tied with too much bureaucracy, the Swiss tax administration and social insurance institutions are very simple in contrast.


Guide to Register Company in Switzerland

1. Research

Start by researching. There are lots of things to consider when starting a business. Firstly, you have to plan where exactly in Switzerland you want to locate your business. Every region has its resources and benefits you can take advantage of.

Further, you have to think about your market. Will your potential customers be able to find you will set up? Then there are the logistics. Will your suppliers be able to reach your location? You should also research your competitors and how you can outsell them.

Research about all these aspects and plan them thoroughly. If you have the time and resources, you can even do a feasibility study about your potential business. This will take time to accomplish, but it will lay down your plans in detail. This study will make it easier once you start putting things into action.

2. Register Company Name

One of the things you need to check off your list is your company name. You have to make sure that your business name is unique and catchy. Think of the culture and preference of the market where you will locate. Will this trade name be forward-moving yet not unacceptable in that society? Making sure your business name also sells is very important in starting a business.

Once you have researched and decided on your company name, you have to register that trade name. Make sure you abide by the company name registration laws. Afterwards, you can submit it to the Switzerland Company Registry for approval.

3. Decide on a Business Structure

As a business owner, you have to remember that one thing that could make or break your business is your business structure. Your business structure will give you the advantage you need if you choose the best suits your capacity and goals. The right business structure will protect you if certain circumstances do not go your way.

There are six types of business entities you can start in Switzerland. Sole proprietorship, limited liability company, limited partnership, public shareholding company, branch office, or as a representative office. Each business structure has its advantages and disadvantages. Research and think about which one will best suit your business needs.

4. Register the Business

Once you have everything planned out, you can now register your business. Registering a company in Switzerland is relatively easy if you know all the necessary documents the registry needs.

First, you need to fill out the application form for company registration. Along with this, you have to prepare the necessary documents like the corporate charter statutes, application, etc. Then have to pay the necessary fees and documentary stamp taxes of the transaction.

The agency will get you through the steps that you have to take to complete this stage. Once you complete all the necessary applications, the Commercial Registry will check the authenticity and approve them if everything is in order.


Professional Assistance on Company Formation

To register a company in Switzerland may be easier in contrast with starting in its neighbouring countries. However, there are still lots of legalities you have to tackle especially if you are a foreigner.


Register Company in Switzerland

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