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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Russia

Register Company in RussiaForeign investors should try to register company in Russia because the standard of living is quite high. Certain factors contributed to this, including rising domestic demand, increased consumption, and an influx of investments. The higher oil prices have also made investments more lucrative.

The Russian government is believed to be promoting peace and order in the country under the current administration. This may explain why foreign investments are flowing in. With its economy buoyed by great economic gains, Russia has also been able to repay much of its foreign debt. Another accomplishment by the Russian government is the reduction of taxes on citizens, which has ironically helped increase tax payments.

The petroleum industry is currently the major industry of Russia that explains the country’s importance globally. So you may want to consider investing in Russia as well.


Register Company in Russia Arms and Defense Industries

Russia has proven in the past that it is a major superpower in the military sphere. Not surprisingly, this country has also developed robust arms and defence industries as well. These industries are responsible for strengthening tRussia’smilitary might, so there is no need to import most weapons. This self-reliance matches the size of its active and reserve military workforce. It is no joke to say that Russia is fully prepared should war break out within its territories.

Since Russia is known for its competent arms and defence industries, other countries also want to source Russia’s weapons. Around 80 countries currently buy weapons from Russia. Russia also has nuclear weapons of its own, making it the logical counterpoint to the USA’s military might. Another possible opponent is China.

Russia has grown rich from the arms and defence industries, so foreign investors would probably serve as “middlemen” for smaller and weaker countries. Bear this in mind when you register company in Russia.


Register Company in Russia For its Exports and Tourism Industry

You might want to check which countries would like products exported from Russia. Russia has a history of robust exports of timber, metals, natural gas, and oil to neighbouring countries and trading partners. But this has slowed down as the domestic market showed increasing demand. Grains are also a major export item since Russian agriculture is well developed. Wheat, in particular, is much in demand.

Tourism has done much to uplift the public image of Russia in the global community. Not surprisingly then, many tourists love to visit Russia every year. Since Russia has managed to preserve many scenic sites from its centuries of cultural development, tourists have plenty of places to visit.


Register Company in Russia to Bring in Imports and Services

Much has been said about Russian exports. But trade with Russia is still feasible if other countries send over their products for Russia to import. Some of the products that Russia prefers to import are:

  • Footwear
  • Textiles
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Ground transports
  • Food products
  • Plastics
  • Optical instruments

At the moment, Russia’s preferred trading partners are China, the USA, Japan, France, Italy, and Germany.

The services sector is the most lucrative industry segment for Russia. Foreign investors may want to enter the services sector as well. The services Russia focuses on are:

  • Retail and wholesale trade
  • Motor vehicle repair (including motorcycles)
  • Repair of personal and household items
  • Education, health, and public administration
  • Real estate
  • Transport storage and communications


How to Register Company in Russia

Before you can register company in Russia, you should think carefully about what legal structure the company will use. You may choose from the following:

  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Partnership
  • Representative office
  • Foreign company branch office
  • Joint-stock company

Set aside a week just for processing the company’s incorporation documents. The Federal Tax Office registration staff will need the following:

  • Registration application form, complete with valid and notarized signatures
  • Copies of the foundation papers
  • Evidence of a founder’s legal status
  • Proof of payment of state registration fee

There are other steps, but these are the most crucial in the process.

Register Company in Russia



Many foreign investors may be looking for ways to bring in foreign investments into Russia. You should notice that Russia is already a superpower economy, so you may need to do your homework before settling on the right industry. If you want to register company in Russia without any glitches, try consulting us at 3E Accounting. Contact us today to get the right advice for your business setup needs. You might also find other business services that you need (like human resources) from our company.