Understand the Jurisdictions of the Company Registration Process In Romania

Register Company in RomaniaThe beautiful country of Romania offers plenty of business opportunities to willing business owners. With around 37 million acres of fertile land, more than 50,000 IT specialist workforce, a marketplace of more than 21 million, and easy market trading with EU countries, the country is an ideal destination for many foreign investors.

Investing in Romania today is heaps easier compared to previous years. If you are interested in Romania for business purposes, learn how to register a company in Romania to reap its benefits for your business expansion and development.


The Name Must Be Unique

In Romania, the regulations encourage that your company name is unique and not similar to any other existing companies in the country. Furthermore, must prepare two proposed names alternatives, and each must end with SRL.


The Company Structure

The chosen company structure decides how many shareholders you intend to have on board your company and the minimum share capital. Furthermore, you need a natural person as the director. However, the shareholders can be people or even other companies.


Office Premise

As of the current regulation, a Romanian company must have a registered office in Romania. If you are still seeking the right location for your office, you can opt for a virtual address. Your company incorporation expert should be able to assist you on this matter.


Initial Document Preparation

As a foreign business owner, it is a common requirement to prepare valid identification of shareholders and directors of the company. Each person or entity must provide proof of address and their international passports.


Paying the Share Capital

You can deposit the sum of money to the local bank temporary account personally or transfer electronically. You can also wire the amount to your company incorporation service provider for them to move on with the company registration in Romania.


Preparing the Documents

After paying the share capital, it is time to prepare the necessary documents to register a company in Romania. You would need to have these ready before compiling them in a file and handing them over to the Trade Registry.

  • Company name reservation confirmation from Trade Register
  • Members of the company sign the constitutive documents
  • The deposit confirmation in a local bank account
  • Notarized signatories of each shareholder person of the company
  • Proof of company registered address, which could be a lease agreement or a virtual address
  • Declaration stating the company’s business activities
  • Other due diligence documents, if necessary.

All documentation must be in the Romanian language. Keep in mind that you need to hire professional translators to translate all documents into the Romanian language.


Registration at the Trade Registry

Once all documentation is in order, you can finally submit them to the Trade Register. Upon processing and approval, you will receive a Certificate of Incorporation, and the share capital in the bank is no longer locked.

It takes 7-10 days to complete company registration in Romania.

If you require assistance or consultation, please feel free to get in touch and we will promptly reply to you within 24 hours.

Register Company in Romania