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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Republic of Kosovo

Register Company in Republic of KosovoThe thought of the Republic of Kosovo will conjure up images of a post-war country trying to compete with its European neighbours. But, this young nation is full of surprises. Declaring independence in the millennium age, the government work hard to build up the Republic’s economy so that it can also attract foreign investment. Despite all odds, find out for yourself whether to register a company in the Republic of Kosovo is a valuable course of action.


Modern Day in Kosovo

Just like any newly independent country, this young Balkan state is being explored by many potential investors of what it can offer. The contemporary day Kosovo is politically stable and has a small open economy. The Republic’s official currency is the Euro, making doing business here even more practical. The Kosovars are very hospitable and will welcome you with open arms. For a country with many historical background and influence, the Republic of Kosovo makes it a necessity to ease burdens of starting a business.


Only in Kosovo

Where else in the world can you find retail services that open for almost around the clock? Kosovo, of course! Hospitality and open-door policy are practically their cultures. Thus, it habitually extends into the workplace. It seems that nine-to-five does not apply to the retail or services sector. If you need something fixed after work or during holidays, you can give your handyman a call. Soon after the new airport opens, Kosovo is seeing an influx of visitors. What’s more, the corporate tax in Kosovo is only ten per cent, and the wage for skilled labour is competitive. This has created an outsourcing industry a stone’s throw away for the European market.


Register Your Company

When you are about to register a company in the Republic of Kosovo, you will be dealing with the Kosovo Business Registration Agency (KBRA). This one-stop centre is established to ease the process and reduce the cost of doing business in Kosovo. There are several types of company that you can register in Kosovo. They are:

  • LLC: Applicable for all products and services
  • Individual Business Registration
  • Limited Partnership
  • Foreign Branch Company
  • Agricultural Cooperative

Once you have decided on the type of company, the next part is going through the registration process. The following are the steps involved.

  • Fill up the registration form. The form can be obtained near KBRA centres or download from the KBRA official website. There will be an admission officer ready to assist the applicant in completing all required sections of the form.
  • Compile all necessary supporting documents. Each type of company has a set of supporting documents needed for registration.
  • After completing the application form and compiling all supporting documents, applicants must submit the application in person at a KBRA Service Center. The admission officer will verify the claim and necessary documents complete and acceptable. If otherwise, the admission officer will notify and assist in completing the form.
  • The applicant must then signed the completed form when the admission executive receives it.
  • There will be a specific processing time for each type of company.

Register Company in Republic of Kosovo


Professional Assistance Available

Above all, if you need assistance in registering your company in Kosovo, do get in touch with us. Our expert team of company registration will assure you of stress-free company registration in Kosovo. Only then, you can focus on growing your business entity in this new and progressive nation.