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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Nepal

Register Company in Nepal Nepal is a country found in the southern part of Asia. The country is famous for its mountain peaks, including Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga. Further, Nepal also revolves around the agriculture and service industry. The country is notable for its rice cultivation, sugarcane, tea, tobacco, jute, corn, wheat, and grains.

Nepal is a potential country for business moguls. With the country riding the wave of fast-paced developments, Nepal is an untapped potential for traders to explore. Although starting a new business here will not be without obstacles, taking risks is without benefits. Register company in Nepal. Here are the top business ideas you can start in the country.


1. Travel Agency

A travel agency is one of the many businesses one can start with a low investment. It plays a great role in promoting the tourism of Nepal. As it is one of the country’s sectors, starting a travel agency will help both the business owner and Nepal’s economy.

The primary function of a travel agency is to package attractions, amenities, and activities for tourists. Because of Nepal’s rich history and culture, in addition to its strategic geographical location, it is easy to attract tourists. The travel agency sector is now one of Nepal’s biggest and most dynamic industries.


2. Telecommunications

Unlike the rest of the world, Nepal has just recently updated with technological advancements. And with the country’s plan to support its technological development, this is a good business to start in Nepal. Potential investors of this sector are all on equal footings, so there’s so much that one can do.

The IT and the telecommunications sectors have a very large ground to pound in Nepal. There’s a lot to improve, and so will be high demand for them. If you are in this industry and you want to expand abroad, then Nepal is a good place to start.


3. Transport

Nepal lacks in its infrastructure sector. And where there’s a need, then there is potential business. While the government has already planned to invest in its infrastructure development, the weak local infrastructure creates a demand for foreign companies to facilitate this move.


4. Videography and Photography

Videography and photography is another thriving small-scale business in Nepal. With a place like Nepal, famous for its beautiful mountain ranges, there are many opportunities to take advantage of. You can contact tourists or even local networks to let you capture events, activities, and other features.

There are lots of fields of photography and videography you can choose from. You only need to possess a high definition camera, talent, and a penchant for business to keep your business running. It only needs very small capital, but it offers lots of opportunities to develop your skills and business.


5. Business Consultant

The economy of Nepal finally starting to be more open creates opportunities for more businesses to open. And as more businesses compete, the need for business consultants will increase.

If you are in the financial and accounting field, planning to set up your own business abroad, Nepal will be a good place. You can work as an advisor for companies or individuals and help them plan, strategize, and solve their business issues. Start small and register a company in Nepal. Then you can grow larger once you have the ropes of the field.


6. Real Estate

Investments in real estate in Nepal is increasing. More and more people in Nepal want to invest in land and housing because it is one of the most tangible and durable forms of investment. As such, business personalities are now rising to penetrate Nepal for this reason.

Selling, buying, and renting lands or buildings are gaining more popularity in the country. It can also be observed that there is a growing trend to develop land and build residential houses in certain regions of the country. You can start and run this business with small capital. If you have the edge to catch people’s attention and interests, then your business is sure to prosper.


7. Energy

Nepal contributes nearly 3% of the world power generation through its hydropower sector. With the nation being rich in natural resources, Nepal is a perfect place to invest in energy generation businesses. If you have business ideas on generating clean energy sources, then Nepal is the place for you to start your own business.


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