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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Luxembourg

Register Company in LuxembourgLuxembourg is one of the most developed regions in Europe. The economy of the country mainly depends on industries like steel, banking, and manufacturing industries. Estimates say Luxembourg is among the highest gross domestic product (GDP) countries in the world. Therefore, to register company in Luxembourg is a better decision for your business to grow.


Market Opportunities

Investors find it a great opportunity in Luxembourg thanks to the advanced banking and industrial sector.
Luxembourg is one of the most developed regions in the world for the financial sector. The financial sector contributes to the GDP by over 35%. This is because of the fast growth of the investment funds by the launching and development of businesses.


Advantages of Doing Business in Luxembourg

Doing business in Luxembourg is advantageous and thanks to the nature of the business-friendly economy. The laws in Luxembourg associated with the business are simple and easy. there is minimal intervention by the government. This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to establish businesses in the country and the whole process is fast and simple.

As part of your business venture in Luxembourg, you can found companies of the types including sole proprietorships, Limited Liability Company, public or joint-stock company (with minimum share capital 12,000 Euros, proprietorship by shares (minimum share capital 30,000 Euros).

A European company needs a minim share capital of 12,000 Euros.

If you’re a foreign national, you can start a subsidiary of your company, or branches, and liaison offices in Luxembourg.


How to Register Company in Luxembourg?

You can choose any of the three types of business, namely commercial activities, skilled craft trade, and specific professions.

Commercial Activities

Commercial activities encompass retail, wholesale, industrial activities, intellectual services, travel agents, real estate, hotels and hospitality, restaurant and catering.

Skilled Craft Trades

This includes many trades, crafts in food, health & hygiene, construction, multimedia, communication, arts and so on. You must get register your business with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce notwithstanding the fact that it’s done by tax authorities.

Specific Professions

These professionals include interior designers, architects, landscape architects or landscape engineers, construction integers, independent, engineers, surveyors, chartered accountants, accounts, consultants and patent attorneys.

Professionals like doctors, auditors, lawyers baking and other categorical financial services are covered by distinct laws. Journalists are considered self-employed intellectuals.


Registering a Business

Bank account
Have a bank account. Choose a bank where you have already an account. This makes the YC procedure easy and fast.

Name your business
Properly name your business. Ensure it’s unique.

Type of the Company
There are diverse types of business in Luxembourg. You can choose any of the types such as limited liability company, public limited company. There are more common than any other type of business structure.

Frame the Articles of Association
Articles of Association are that constitutional document and they are the company’s charter set out in the operating rules. The articles of association and a legal entity implying it can make commitments to third parties.

The other things that are important include transfer the share capital, organize meetings with the Notary, sending a deblocking certificate to the bank, apply for a license, applying for a VAT number.

Register Company in Luxembourg



Having learned how to register company in Luxembourg, it’s time you need to start working on it. Have a business blueprint, garner capital all the resources. Take professional help if need be. Contact us for more information.