Comprehensive Guide to Registering a Company in Jordan

Register Company in JordanThe Jordanian government has created several incentives to help interested business owners wanting to register company in Jordan. These include total company ownership by foreign business owners, tax breaks, free trade zones and access to extensive markets. Being a member of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Jordan also offers businesses access to a large market of over 500 million people.

Here’s a guide on what you need to know about registering a company in Jordan and all its intricacies.


Companies Control Department (CCD)

To register company in Jordan, you must deal with the Companies Control Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The department is responsible for company registration and regulation in the country. It is also in charge of promoting investments and ensuring the business environment soundness within Jordan.

Through reforms, Jordan now has a single-window system that expedites company registration. Through the Companies Control Department website, one can do it all online.


The Process to Register Company in Jordan

Registering a company in Jordan begins with deciding the company structure. The legal company structures available include limited liability companies (WLL), public shareholding companies, private shareholding companies and foreign branch companies.

Naming The Company

Your Jordanian company name must have an Arabic and an English name. You will need professional advice on the best company name that complies with local regulations.

Company Documentation

Similar to the name, all documentation must be in or translated into Arabic. Get a local business solution partner to do this to ensure your documentation complies with the law. Other relevant documentation includes valid identification, proof of residency, certificate of good conduct and power of attorney. As per the latest development, companies intent to register need a registered office address where all company correspondence will be mailed to the address. Companies can also opt for virtual addresses.

Paid-Up Capital

For WLL, the paid-up capital is 50,000 JOD (Jordanian Dinar). A public limited company must deposit a minimum paid-up capital of 100,000 JOD. All companies intent to register must deposit the paid-up capital first and obtain the certificate of deposit. The certificate will be submitted together with the company registration application.

Assigning Director(s)

To register company in Jordan, you need at least one director and one shareholder. A single shareholder in a WLL in Jordan is subject to approval by the Companies Control Department. Otherwise, the minimum number of shareholders is two persons or entities.

Submit the Application & Pay the Fees

Once all documentation is complete, you can apply to register company in Jordan via the CCD website. The registration fees vary depending on the company you are registering. The registration fee for LLC is 300 JOD (Jordanian Dinar).

Registration Certificate

After reviewing your submission and finding it satisfies all mandatory requirements, the CCD will issue a company registration certificate. The average approval period is two to three weeks, and you will receive the certificate by mail, sent to the address you provide in the application form.


Getting Your Company Registered in Jordan

As it could be exhausting for business owners to register a company in Jordan, we at 3E Accounting offer you our expertise. Contact us if you desire to register a company in Jordan with peace of mind.

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