Everything You Need to Know to Register Company in Croatia

Register Company in CroatiaWith a stable economy and politics, Croatia attracts several foreign investors. As the government is reforming its policies to encourage entrepreneurship, it’s an excellent idea to register company in Croatia.


Commercial Court

The Commercial Court is the primary body that oversees the registration of companies. It is also in charge of bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions of companies. If the Commercial Court finds out that companies are not complying with the law, it will dissolve them.


Croatian Chamber of Commerce

Established in 1852, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce is the oldest and largest chamber of commerce. It is a non-profit organisation primarily representing the interests of businesses in Croatia.

Once you have completed the company registration in Croatia, you must file the company with the Chamber of Commerce to ensure the business thrives in Croatia.


Registering Your Croatian Company

We will walk you through each step to register company in Croatia from A to Z. So, here goes.

Check Name Availability

If you have a name in mind for your Croatian company, visit the Financial Agency of Croatia and check if it’s available. To save yourself time, prepare up to three names. This way, you don’t need to go back and come up with a different name or hastily come up with a company name to register.

Define Company Structure

The most common company structure in Croatia is a private limited liability company (d.o.o). You can register a d.o.o. with one or more shareholders. The Croatian statutes insist the share capital of a d.o.o of the foreign shareholder be HRK 200,000.

Suppose you decide to register a d.o.o. In that case, you must prepare vital documents such as the Articles of Association if the company has more than one shareholder or a statement of an establishment if the company has only one shareholder.

The AA must also include the following:

  • Company structure
  • Company name
  • Registered office address in Croatia
  • Share capital & shareholder(s) rights
  • Management
  • Business activities
  • Signature(s) of shareholder(s) and their contact details
  • Details or processes if the company undergoes liquidation

Notarising Documents

Once all documents are ready and compiled, you must have them notarised by a local notary public. All shareholder(s) must be present during this step. It is also important to note that a sworn translator must translate all foreign documents. It helps the Commercial Court to review the company registration application better.

Register Company in Croatia at Commercial Court

Submit the application for registration in the court register at the HITRO.HR window at the Financial Agency, together with all supporting documents. The Commercial Court sends you the decision after registering into the court registry. Once your company registration satisfies all criteria, the Commercial Court will publish the company registration on the registry’s website. You should also receive a company registration certificate.


Expert Assistance Available

Registering a company in Croatia involves a structured process that ensures legal compliance and sets the foundation for your business operations. With 3E Accounting, you can rest assured of a smooth registration procedure for your Croatian company.

Register Company in Croatia