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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Argentina

Why Register a Company in Argentina?

Register Company in ArgentinaLocated on the continent of South America, Argentina is best-known as a resource-rich country with abundant opportunities. Argentina is currently the world’s 25th largest economy and the second-largest in South America and the country has always been a very attractive country to potential foreign investors. In fact, a multiplicity of advantages has positioned Argentina as one of the most preferred destinations for foreign investors: good climates, highly qualified and skilled labour, rich industry resources, and manufacturing industry with state-of-art infrastructures.

As such, many people see Argentina as the highly sought after country to expand their business portfolio. Although the incorporation cost has increased since 2014, Argentina remains as the attractive nation for foreign investors to setup their overseas companies.

How to Register a Company in Argentina?

  1. Decide the business types:
    • Corporation (Sociedad Anónima S.A.) – This type of business entity requires a minimum of two shareholders and a minimum investment of A$12,000 for registration. Anyone can register this kind of company in Argentina regardless of his or her nationality and residential country. Every shareholder must own a minimum of 5% to 10% of the company shares and it has to be examined by the Entity of Legal Persons (IGJ) to prove the legitimacy of the corporation.
    • Limited Partnership (The Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada) – This type of company must have a minimum of two partners (up to fifty members) with a minimum capital of A$10,000 [to be divided into stocks over which partners have priority of purchase] for registration.
    • Branches of Foreign Corporations – Establishing a branch in Argentina is another option for foreign companies to venture into the country. A proof of the existence of the office overseas is mandatory for registration. Other than that, the branch will have to prove either one of the following conditions when submitted for registration:
      • A permanent representative outside Argentina.
      • Do not possess any third-party assets as current assets.
      • Own shares in other partnerships are not subject to public trading.
      • The proposed business activities are in line with partnership purposes.
  2. Name the business:

    Decide a corporate name for the new business and it must be reserved to incorporate a new company. In Argentina, the new corporate name is verified by the Office of Corporations (Inspección General de Justicia) (IGJ).

  3. Certify signatures of partners by public notary:

    The signatures of the founding partners have to be certified by a notary public where the process usually takes only one day to complete.

  4. Deposit initial capital and obtain proof of payment:

    A minimum of 25% of the subscribed capital must be deposited in the National Bank and obtain a proof of payment for incorporation purpose. The deposited amount can be withdrawn once the company’s bylaws are registered by the Office of Corporations.

  5. Publish the new company notice in the official paper

    It usually takes one to three days to complete the procedures. There are three kinds of publication services available in Argentina: Ordinary procedure, Semi-expeditious Procedure, and Expeditious Procedure.

  6. Pay incorporation fee

    The incorporation fee has to be paid in Banco Nación and submitted to the Public Registry of Commerce.

  7. Register with the Public Register of Commerce of Argentina in Buenos Aires

    Companies located in the City of Buenos Aires must register their by-laws and other documents related to their incorporation. The procedure involves the filing of

    • Evidence of the reservation of the corporate name (approved by the Office of Corporations),
    • The proposed Articles of Association and By-laws,
    • The publication in the official paper,
    • Evidence of managers’ and syndics’ (if applicable) acceptance of position,
    • Proof of payment of the deposit of the cash contributions in the Banco de la Nación Argentina,
    • Evidence of compliance with the managers’ guarantee regime (filing of managers’ performance bonds)
  8. Buy special books from a commercial bookstore
  9. Submission of company books

    A notary public has to request a form from the Notary Public’s College and submit the rubric request of the company books to the General Inspection of Justice (IGJ).

  10. Obtain Fiscal Code
  11. Tax and Social Security Registration

    A tax identification number (Código de Identificación Tributaria, CUIT) can be obtained from the National Tax Office (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos, AFIP).

  12. Register turnover tax at local level at the AGIP in Buenos Aires

    The legal representative has to obtain the company’s tax password issued by the Direcciones Generales de Rentas (DGR). They can register the company before the turnover tax online through the DGR web page once they obtain the tax password.

  13. Register with the Sistema Unico De Seguridad Social (SUSS)
  14. Other registration for employment
    • Get insurance for employees

      A company can contract the insurance for employees with a risk labor company (Aseguradora de Riesgos del Trabajo, ART) where the premium will be paid on a monthly basis.

    • Rubricate books of wages

      This step is done by the Labor Agency.

On a final note, the economy of Argentina is blessed with its rich natural resources, well-educated workforce and a vibrant investment climate. If you are thinking of venturing into the South American markets, Argentina offers abundant opportunities that will help you to expand your business profile globally.

Register Company in Argentina

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