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3E Accounting Formulates Digital Master Plan To Be Future-Ready For Industry 4.0

3E Accounting has adopted robotics technology and is innovating to disrupt the Accounting and Professional Services Industry as the pioneer robotics accounting firm in Industry 4.0. At 3E Accounting, we make it our mission to offer the Three Es: Efficiency, Effectiveness and Economy, all part of our One-Stop Solution for our clients. Our Vision is to become the World’s Leading Corporate Service Provider.

Year 2011

When 3E Accounting was established in 2011, technology was introduced as a means to improve and maximise employee productivity.

The first step in our digitalisation journey is to put the necessary infrastructure in place

The first step in the digitalisation journey is to put the necessary infrastructure in place. At 3E Accounting, every employee is issued with a laptop. It may seem simple and intuitive yet many traditional firms continue to use desktops due to their perception of cheaper purchase and maintenance costs.

COVID-19 is a game-changer for businesses. The ability to run full remote business operations has validated 3E Accounting’s digital transformation efforts where there was previously little difference between firms who went by the conventional or digital routes. Powerful laptops backed by cloud-based solutions and VPN servers empowers 3E Accounting employees with the choice and flexibility to work anywhere and anytime, with full access to their email, documents management, calendar scheduling, because they are all accessible on Cloud (unlimited storage). Therefore, this makes sharing of documents and transferring of files possible, facilitating Work From Home (WFH) arrangements!

By investing in technology, the firm was able to accommodate our employees’ flexible working arrangement requests, and successfully attracting talented staff who sought an Employer of Choice that offered work-life balance. This initiative allows 3E Accounting to differentiate ourselves from others in the industry, where working 24/7 was often the norm and strengthened our business resilience throughout crises. The next step is to embark on full digital transformation towards greater innovation and technology adoption.

Year 2014

Digitalisation has helped to increase staff productivity

In 2014, 3E Accounting formed our own in-house digital and IT department to meet 3E Accounting’s ever growing digital needs through customised software.

Digitalisation has helped to increase staff productivity. Although the work volume has increased, we are able to increase the productivity of our work with the same staff strength. Thereby allowing the company to achieve better staff retention, attract talent, and offer Flexible Work Arrangements to our employees.

As 3E Accounting expands, our firm continues to invest more time and effort to refine and improve the technologies used. We are able to foster innovation and build digital capabilities with investment in Cloud-based software development for employees to be mobile and work from anywhere. We are transforming through technology.

Year 2016

3E Accounting takes business communication and collaboration among offices located worldwide to the next level by adopting tele-presence robots with Double Robotics in its office setting in 2016. As innovator of cutting-edge ideas, 3E Accounting has taken the lead to become the 1st Accounting Firm in Singapore to Implement the Revolutionary Double Robotics Technology. The Double Robotics was first brought in for the Global Headquarters of 3E Accounting Group in Singapore in April 2016, learning from the experience of how an accounting firm in Australia had invested in the technology to improve work-life balance for its employees.

The Double Robotics Technology harnesses the duality of video-conferencing and robot technology to engage employees located remotely, thereby fostering a strong collaborative environment to execute team-based tasks in office settings despite different geographical locations. Adapting to such emerging robotics technology in 3E Accounting has provided our staff with a flexible working environment.

3E Accounting is Xero Certified Advisor

3E Accounting takes pride in being a part of Xero’s worldwide partner network as a  Xero Certified Advisor. Being a long-standing partner and qualified reseller, we provide clients with full Xero accounting solutions.  We provide various end-to-end services including helping clients to subscribe and integrate Xero in their business landscapes, equipping clients with online tutorials to learn more about Xero and providing ongoing supports so that our clients can optimize the use of Xero Cloud Accounting Software.

3E Accounting is QuickBooks ProAdvisor

3E Accounting is a trusted QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors.  We provide easy access to QuickBooks services and ensure that it runs smoothly on all our clients’ devices.  Do get in touch with 3E Accounting if you’ve decided to invest in QuickBooks Online!

Year 2018

Developing Web Application As Part Of Integrative Team Project in July 2018

3E Accounting Singapore was privileged to collaborate with students from a local university on developing web application as part of integrative team project in July 2018. This will allow the conversion of trial balance to accounting report automatically.

3E Accounting Singapore was privileged to collaborate with students from a local university

Year 2019

3E Accounting formed its Digital Research and Development (R&D) team led by Founder Lawrence Chai to spearhead development in the new growth areas in Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Digital R&D team is formulating the  Digital Master Plan to map out the digital transformation of the business as 3E Accounting continues to integrate technology into all our business processes and ambitions towards becoming a disruptor in the Accounting and Professional Services Industry.

3E Accounting formed its first Digital Research and Development (DR&D) team

Year 2020

Data centres are spaces dedicated to housing computer systems, equipment and servers that make the digitalization of businesses possible. A sophisticated and established data centre is essential to run hefty software and programs effectively and efficiently. With the rapid rate of heavier integration of technology into business operations, catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic that brought about the new norm of remote working, demand for cloud services increased. Hence, cloud service providers and enterprises are spending more to improve their data centres to cater to the increased usage. This led to the data centre equipment market to achieve growth over the last 6 quarters that averages at 2%, which is substantial for such a large market.

As Singapore’s first and leading robotic accounting firm, 3E Accounting utilizes advance technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in its daily operations, and these require large memory and processing power. With future plans to go 100% digital through cloud and automation solutions, a data centre is instrumental in achieving this goal.

Hence, 3E Accounting was already steps ahead of the aforementioned current global trend even before the pandemic kicked in. It is now in the midst of building its very own offsite data centre (3E Accounting Secure Data Centre). It will centralize shared IT operations and equipment for the purpose of storing, processing and disseminating data and applications. This will improve the interconnectivity among different systems and reduce latency, generating greater productivity gains and enable the provision of more timely technological support to its clients. The data centre will also further enhance 3E Accounting’s business resilience during times unprecedented circumstances, such as the current pandemic, to protect its stakeholders as well.

3E Accounting ensures that the data centre built is of utmost quality to support its daily operations under any circumstances. Hence, the 3E Accounting Secure Data Centre will house the Virtual 3E, which comprises contingency and redundancy infrastructure, such as a digital twin of its most crucial and sensitive digital assets as a backup. This safeguards and ensures business continuity should future business disruption occur, which could manifest as accidents or cyber-hacking.

With the completion of 3E Accounting Secure Data Centre, 3E Accounting is confident that its software and systems will be able to operate at 100% efficiency at all times, and provide the best for its clients.

Our Digital Journey