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Understand the Jurisdictions Setup Requirement Before Proceed Your Register Company in Andorra

Register Company in AndorraAndorra is a developed country in Europe with a developed economy. Their three main businesses are Tourism, Retail Sales, and Finance. People from neighbouring countries France and Spain would go to Andorra for summer and winter resorts. Andorra offers a duty-free for shopping as well, as prices of commodities in the country are cheaper. That’s why they attract more people to buy merchandise from them.

Although an estimated 9 million tourists that come to Andorra bring the GDP of the country to 80%, the country is facing some challenges. Their status of being a tax haven to financial institutions eroded when France and Spain eased their bank secrecy law.

There is limited agricultural activity in Andorra and the majority of their food is imported from other countries. Because of this, the prices of food could go higher when the prices of fuel in the market increases.


Business Sectors You Can Invest In Andorra

Aside from Tourism which is the primary business of Andorra, its government is attracting business investors to invest in the following:

  1. Health Sector – Andorra has a mandatory provision for its public medical care. It’s packaged in their Social Security System. However, the country still needs private hospitals to cater to the special needs of its people. People in Andorra would usually go to Barcelona, Spain, or Toulouse, France if they have other special medical needs that can’t be done in the country.
  2. Education and Research – Research plays an important role in the development of the lives of people. New medicines are discovered to cure different illnesses or different machines are invented to make work easier because of research. Just like any other country, Andorra needs this.
  3. Labour Market – Andorra needs people to work in the different business sectors of the country, particularly Tourism. Although the world was hit and still experiencing COVID-19, the economy will slowly go back to the way it was.
  4. Financial System – Andorra is a tax haven for financial institutions. As competitive as other countries in the world, Andorra has an effective financial system.


The Benefits You Gain in Investing in This Country

Since Andorra is a developed economy, it has to continue its status by being excellent in offering their products and services. Aside from duty-free Andorra is giving, the country offers the following business advantages:

  1. The employment rate is high in the country – When most of the people in a country are employed, they have more spending power to buy products and services which is good for businesses as they would gain more profit.
  2. There is a provision for Double Imposition – The country has agreements with France, Luxemburg, Spain, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, and U.A.E. to avoid double taxation or imposition.
  3. The cost of electricity in Andorra is cheaper compared to other European Countries – In fact, it is the second-lowest in Europe.
  4. Internet Connection – The average connection speed in the country is 300 MBPS covering 94.5% of its population.
  5. Andorra has a competitive tax framework – The country is adapting to the norms of European Countries on offering businesspersons with competitive business packages that will attract business investors.


The Process of Registering a Business in This Country

The process of registering a company in Andorra is simple and not so complicated. You simply have to think of a name for your business and have it registered and submit pertinent papers to the Andorran Trade Register. Some of the documents you need are the following:

  1. Identification Card of the Applicant.
  2. The Authorization for the Corporate Name.
  3. Business Plan.
  4. Bank Certificate stating that the account was made in Andorra and a minimum capital required has been deposited.
  5. Identification Card for each of your Business Associates.
  6. Criminal Record Clearance for all of the Business Associates.

It will take approximately a month to complete the process of business registration in Andorra.


Register Your Business with 3E Accounting

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Register Company in Andorra

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