Sultan of Perak’s Birthday

How Malaysians Celebrate the Sultan of Perak’s Birthday

Sultan of Perak’s Birthday Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah Al-Maghfur-Lah is the 35th Sultan of Perak. He is currently the Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong.


What Is Sultan of Perak’s Birthday in Malaysia All About?

The Sultan of Perak’s birthday is on the first Friday of November. This is so the citizens of Perak can enjoy a long and relaxing weekend. A public holiday followed by a long weekend calls for a more extended celebration and a chill weekend.


Things to Do During Sultan of Perak’s Birthday in Malaysia

With so many interesting places in Perak, you should grab this chance to enjoy the colonial architecture, lush and breath-taking nature, as well as some spooky tales. That is if you’re up for a little bit of supernatural.

A fan of beaches and the sea? Take a trip to Pangkor island, where you can enjoy spectacular sunsets, snorkelling and kayak to your heart’s content.

Looking for a thrilling adventure? Visit the spooky, half-finished mansion hidden in the jungle. Called Kellie’s Castle, it is in Batu Gajah, Perak. If you are brave enough, there are available night tours in the castle you can challenge yourself with.

Good food added with great company puts 99.99% of people in an amazing mood. If you fall into the majority, you will be the happiest (and most excited) person here. This is because Perak has a variety of food for you to choose from. This is most definitely a food haven for foodies. Putting you on the top of the world for days!

Is history your thing? If you answered yes, you can check out the Birch Memorial Clock Tower, which opened in 1909 to commemorate the colonial hero’s sacrifice.


How Sultan of Perak’s Birthday in Malaysia Is Celebrated?

The birthday of the Sultan of Perak is a public holiday. It was to be on the first Friday of November every year. Thus, giving the people a chance to take some time off work and chill.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating Sultan of Perak’s Birthday in Malaysia

With such a huge occasion, there should be special celebrations, right?

So, in the spirit of the occasion, the state government could organise a state festival consisting of all the things unique to Perak. Is there ever a better time to share the history, the food, and even including some lesser-known but local spots? Allow me to list a few, Perak’s spaceship-like tower, a Neolithic cave painting in Tambun Cave, Maxwell Hill and many more. Doing this will promote a healthier lifestyle for the people, but it also helps promote and boost tourism in Perak.

Sultan of Perak’s Birthday