Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday

How Malaysians Celebrate the Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday

Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday Historically, the rulers of the Old Pahang Sultanate used this title. The title Sultan is a hereditary one. The current sultan is Al-Sultan Abdullah ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah. He was proclaimed as the sixth ruler of Pahang on the 15th of January 2019. He replaced his unwell father, Paduka Ayahanda Sultan Ahmad Shah, before the latter had his last breath on the 22nd of May in the same year.

Curious about the roles of the sultan in our hierarchy?

To put it simply, he is the head of state where he is the head for the religion Islam, and to add to that, any source of titles, honours and dignities in the state of Pahang will have to go through him.


What Is Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday in Malaysia All About?

The Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday currently falls on the 30th of July every year. This date changes according to the Sultan itself. And in conjunction with the auspicious day, the state of Pahang is given a public holiday for their sultan’s birthday.


Things to Do During Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday in Malaysia

First things first, the state has declared a public holiday on the 30th of July for the Sultan of Pahang’s birthday. Therefore, there’s much we can do on such a happy day. One can take a trip to the Pahang State Mosque (Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah) and just enjoy the beautiful architecture and get to know the peaceful culture. It’s said to be one of the most beautiful mosques in Pahang. It has five blue domes and four sharp spiked spires.

Besides that, if you’re not into the architecture of buildings, maybe you can try the traditional art of batik painting or go explore the limestone cave temples of Gua Charas with your loved ones.

Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere at Teluk Cempedak Beach in the evening with your family. With amazing scenery and great company, there’s little to complain about! If you love sunrises, take a hike to the peak of Bukit Panorama.

You can take a trip to the underground tin mines for something educational and uncover Pahang’s history in Sungai Lembing. The best part of this experience is getting to go into the mines yourself to experience it first-hand. You will board a makeshift train consisting of an antique minecart which will carry you into the mines itself.

If you’re a foodie, give Sungai Lembing’s unique delicacies a try. They use mountain water to prepare some of their dishes like ‘tau fu fah’.


How Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday in Malaysia Is Celebrated?

People celebrate Sultan of Pahang’s birthday as a public holiday in the state. This gives the citizens the freedom to do whatever they desire with their day, be it spending time with their family at home or enjoying a short trip.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday in Malaysia

Since the Sultan of Pahang’s birthday is a big thing for the state itself, certain special events can be held to celebrate the event.

For example, people hold marathon or charity dinners in conjunction with the occasion, and it can be used to raise funds for charity purposes. This not only promotes people to do good but also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

People usually hold a prayer in Pahang state mosque with Pahang’s Sultan, leading the prayer and his citizens following. This will set a good example for future generations.

Sultan of Pahang’s Birthday