Raja Perlis’ Birthday

What is Raja Perlis’ Birthday in Malaysia All About?

Raja Perlis’ Birthday Perlis is geographically one of the smallest states in Malaysian Peninsular. The communities within the state of Perlis have a yearly celebration in their calendar year. Malaysia has different states, and within each state, some rulers govern them. The state of Perlis is under the ruler known as “Raja.” Under this state is where we have Raja Perlis’ Birthday celebration each calendar year.

Now, it would be wise to go back a little bit of history for you to understand this public holiday. Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, the Raja of Perlis, was born in the small state of Arau, Perlis, on May 17th, 1943. The citizens of the state celebrate Raja Perlis’ Birthday on July 17th rather than the maiden day. The state government then decides to amend the date (May 17th to July 17th) to not coincide with either the month of Ramadan or early Aidilfitri.

Since April 2000, the current Raja has been in power after succeeding his father for serving the State for 55years.


Things to Do During Raja Perlis’ Birthday in Malaysia

A resident of Langkawi Island spectacularly celebrates Raja Perlis’ birthday each year. The popular holiday on the Island welcomes high-level dignitaries from across the region to honour the day. Similarly, the British Queen honours prominent individuals during her birthday, hardworking members of the society do receive awards on this day from Raja. This is why this day is a special day for many citizens of Perlis as they see the conferment of great leaders in society.

However, one would pose a question on the kind of activities to participate in during the celebration. As candidly as it could be, any visitor or resident that would find themselves in the royal town of Arau would have a chance to be part of the celebration.

For lovers of sight-seeing, right after your lunch, you can head over to Trek Kurong Tengar. With its location overlooking the lovely sea, it gives that festive atmosphere in the late afternoons. As vendors settle down with their stalls and the locals congregate for selfies and kite flying, you can win yourself a chance to explore more.


How Raja Perlis’ Birthday in Malaysia is Celebrated

During the celebration of the event, decorations of beautiful lighting spread through the streets. The venue hosting the event is well-lit with all manner of splendour. Live entertainment from different performers fills up the venue for visitors and dignitaries alike. The event may not be complete without the presentation of awards. The Raja would address guests and appreciate individuals awarded for their role in society.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating Raja Perlis’ Birthday in Malaysia

Malaysia gives you experiences that you cannot find anywhere in the world. Take the Masjid Al Hussain (Floating Mosque), which appears as floating in the water during the high tides. Then we have the Kota Kayang Museum, which traces back to Kedah’s Sultanate’s history—connects closely with the formation. Historical artefacts, traditional weapons, ornaments, and old currencies are some of the things you’ll bump yourself into.

Before you enter Langkawi Island, there is a small town of Kuala Perlis—an entry point to the Island. If you love fishing and some seafood, then this is a fantastic place to visit. For those who would like to carry home souvenirs, Padang Besar is the place to be as you celebrate Raja Perlis’ Birthday. The majority of the shops are duty-free.

Perlis State Park is one park that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It sits along the Thai-Malaysian border and is rich in vegetation, indigenous trees, extensive caves, and jungle streams.

Raja Perlis’ Birthday