Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

A National Celebration of Cultural Importance for Muslims in Malaysia

Prophet Muhammad's Birthday Celebrated as a national public holiday in Malaysia, Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday is observed during the Rabi’ al-awwal.


What Is Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday’s in Malaysia About?

The Rabi’ al-awwal is the third month in the Muslim calendar. Alternatively, his birthday is also referred to as Maulud Nabi in Malaysia. The prophet’s birth is approximately sometime in the year 570 (based on the Gregorian calendar). As a boy, the prophet was raised by his uncle after this parents died when he was still very young. In his youth, the prophet learned the shepherding and merchant trades.

When he was about 40 years old, he began preaching. Soon his followers began to number in the thousands. They began to take control of Mecca, which until this day, remains the holy pilgrimage site of Muslims from around the world. The prophet passed away in 632 after contracting an illness. Before his death, he successfully united Arabia and made it one Muslim unit.


How is Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Celebrated in Malaysia?

The local mosques (called a masjid in Malaysia) will be cleaned in preparation for the prophet’s birthday. Devoted followers will flock towards the mosques on this day and begin the day in prayer. Some may choose to do this at home. Religious recitals, prayers and songs will be sung by the local Muslims around the country in their respective mosques.

This will be followed by a communal breakfast before the Muslims prepare to head out and enjoy the many celebrations and festivities taking place today. Prophet Muhammad’s birthday is a time when unity, peace, and love are qualities promoted among the locals. For the Muslim children, it is a day where the elders will remind and instil the teachings and values of the Quran in them.


What to Do During Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday

As a national public holiday, all schools and most offices in Malaysia will be closed on this day. Many tourists’ locations and shopping centres will remain open to accommodate the locals enjoying the day off. Public holidays are generally spent resting from the busy work week. Others may choose to spend this time catching up with family and friends, or taking short local trips as a family.

Public holidays in Malaysia are well renowned for their one of a kind celebrations, and the birthday of the prophet is no different. The mosque in Putrajaya will be where the national celebrations are held. It also happens to be the starting point of the main parade. Government officials, religious officers and distinguished guests attend the celebrations.

Prophet Muhammad's Birthday