Georgetown World Heritage City Day

What is Georgetown World Heritage City Day in Malaysia All About?

Georgetown World Heritage City Day Historians would say that past events or happenings always have a connection to a remembrance of something. And that those happenings will remain at the pinnacle of history over decades and centuries to come. Georgetown world heritage city day is one event that you’d remove amongst a gallery of historical events that dates back to the end of the 18th century.

Perhaps, going back to how it all began and racing back to the current days would be great.


The Historical Connection of Georgetown Heritage Day

Back in the 18th century, the British Empire was moving in and conquering territories across the world. As time would have it, Francis Light, during his mission in Southeast Asia under the British East India Company, founded George Town in 1786. Francis saw it right to name the town “George Town” after King George III of England. As it marked the beginning of British settlement in Southeast Asia, the colonial influence continued to spread across the Asian region.

George Town has since been a historic city with 500years of cultural and trading exchanges between the East and the West. On July 7th, 2008, UNESCO saw it right to inscribe George Town as an artistic site on the World Heritage listing marking the beginning of a festive public holiday in the calendar.

According to the UNESCO declaration, George Town is where we witness Asia and Europe’s multicultural heritage flourish both tangible and intangible. Deep within the city, it represents the British epoch from the end of the 18th century. The architectural dynamic and uniqueness from residential to commercial buildings is the scenery that you’d witness.

On this particular day, Penang’s citizen moves within the city to celebrate the culture, architectural building, heritage, and history of the site with style and pomp.


Things to Do During Georgetown World Heritage City Day in Malaysia

Penang in Malaysia is where you’d want to celebrate the heritage of their rich culture. Once you’re officially there, you can decide to visit Georgetown sites or join and enjoy the street performances. You have the luxury to pack and carry your blankets, portable chair, and pillow and enjoy the performance. Besides that, you can check at the heritage house and experience the colonial authenticity of George Town by staying in a night or two. The day would not be complete with participating in street food adventures.


How Georgetown World Heritage City Day in Malaysia is Celebrated

Malaysia is a country that values culture and heritage in its totality. Having seen through rich culture and heritage over time, George Town’s communities always honour this day. Each calendar year, the festival has a different theme, and the event will revolve around the theme. We saw for in 2016; the theme was “Mari Main” (Let’s Play), where the main activities concentrated around games and sports of yesteryears.

Life in Penang will remain a tradition and celebration of Georgetown World Heritage City Day’s historical and cultural diversity. The festival, which runs for several days, ushers in the showcasing of traditional food, arts, and crafts that reflect the city’s history and culture. The festive doesn’t shy off from its excitement from performers, folklorists, and presenters who keep the history and culture alive. And if you thought that as a visitor, you might be left out, visitors have unlimited access to the living traditions within and outside the surrounding communities.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating Georgetown World Heritage City Day in Malaysia

During the national day celebration, you the list below of other tourist attractions:

  • Cheong Fatt Tze mansion
  • Clan Jetties of Penang
  • Fort Cornawallis
  • Kel Lok Si Temple

Visiting the museums and the art gallery sums it up for things to do during Georgetown World Heritage City Day.

Georgetown World Heritage City Day