Awal Ramadan

What is Awal Ramadan in Malaysia All About?

Awal Ramadan Awal Ramadan is the first day of Ramadan. It is a public holiday in Johor, Kedah, and Melaka. It is deemed as the most sacred of all months for Muslims, apart from the month of Ramadan. It is observed as a time of peace and mourning.

Awal Ramadan is also known as Awal Muharram and Maal Hijrah. The word Hijrah is derived from an Arabic word that denotes moving or emigrating. This is why it coincided with the period when Prophet Mohammed migrated from Mecca to Medina in 622AD.

Prophet Mohammed went to Medina because of threats over his life. The Prophet then decided to go to a town called Yathrib. It is now known as Medina.

Ramadan, also known as Ramadhan or Ramzan, is celebrated during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During this period, Muslims across the globe focus on praying, fasting, helping out the charity, and amplifying religious devotion.


Things to Do During Awal Ramadan in Malaysia

Awal Ramadan, as mentioned, is a public holiday. With this, it is expected that most offices and all schools are closed to commemorate the event. Usually, the Muslims in Malaysia are celebrating the occasion in private with their families. For some, this means more time to relax or do other things as this is free time.

Some families go on vacation and spend this time to bond. This is ideal because Malaysia is comprised of many tourist destinations.


How Awal Ramadan in Malaysia is Celebrated

During these kinds of religious gatherings, Muslims discuss passages from the Quran. They sing religious songs and have different sermons. Muslims also take time for self-reflection and prayer.

Muslims start fasting on the 10th day of Awal Ramadan, which covers sunrise to sunset when it is time to conclude their fasting, families share and eat cooked sweet rice known as Bubur Asyura.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating Awal Ramadan in Malaysia

There are several mosques you can visit in Malaysia to commemorate Awal Ramadan. After all, celebrating the first day of Ramadan in a mosque can allow you to welcome the day with calm and peace.

Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque

This is the state mosque of Selangor, Malaysia. Located in Shah Alam, it is the country’s biggest mosque and seventh-largest mosque located in Southeast Asia in terms of capacity. The mosque’s unique feature is its large blue and silver dome.

Kampung Laut Mosque

It is the oldest surviving mosque in Malaysia, which dates back to the early 18th century. It is situated in Jalan Kuala Krai in the Peninsular Malaysian state of Kelantan. It is built with an Islamic architecture style.

Masjid Zahir, Alor Setar

It is the state mosque of Kedah. Masjid Zahir is one of the grandest and oldest mosques in the country as it was built in 1912. It was voted as one of the most beautiful mosques across the globe.

Awal Ramadan